TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 114 - 'Long Way Back From Hell'

The Originals Episode 114
“Long Way Back From Hell”
Written by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson
Directed By: Matt Hastings
Original Airdate: 25 February 2014

In This Episode…

Genevieve has Rebekah and Klaus tied up in separate parts of an abandoned hospital. Rebekah has been poisoned with werewolf venom, making her weak, unstable, and easy to torture. Klaus has been sedated by the giant bone dagger embedded in his abdomen. Genevieve assures Klaus that she is not there to hurt Klaus, and she proves this by cutting open his torso, reaching in, and removing the dagger. It hurts like hell but it allows Klaus to begin to heal. She has mixed up a concoction using Rebekah’s blood that will allow Klaus to see into Rebekah’s mind, and view the torture she is going through.

Rebekah has been brought to this hospital for a reason: it was the source of Genevieve’s distress with Rebekah, and where her betrayal took place. In her weakened state, Rebekah is forced to relive the year 1919, the year of a desperate influenza outbreak, and the year we flash back to throughout the episode.

Rebekah is acting as a nurse in this hospital, alongside Genevieve. Rebekah knows she is a witch; Genevieve knows she is a vampire. With that out in the open, Rebekah becomes chummy with Genevieve and another nurse, Clara, who is a little suspicious and/or jealous of Genevieve’s new friend. The three become fast friends, clubbing every night, drinking gin in speakeasies. Genevieve admits to a crush on Klaus. But Rebekah is manipulating Genevieve. She and Marcel are sneaking around, desperately in love but unable to go public because they feared retribution from Klaus. (Apparently being an interracial couple in the deep south less than 50 years after slavery was abolished was never a concern.) The lovers devised a plan: Rebekah would befriend a powerful witch, Genevieve, and convince her to do a spell to resurrect Mikael Mikaelsen, the patriarch of the Originals and the one who had spent much of his life trying to kill his bastard son. Daddy dearest would kill Klaus (or at least scare him into compliance) allowing Rebekah and Marcel their happily ever after. She hints that this would be more of a special “surprise,” and Genevieve, eager to help her new friend, goes through with the ritual.

Klaus sees all of this as Rebekah is forced to relive it, but he doesn’t believe it. The thing that seals the deal is when he sees Rebekah hand over her father’s dagger to Genevieve to use in the ceremony. Mikael had lost it eons ago and nearly beat Klaus to death because he thought Klaus stole it. Adding salt to the wounds is the fact that Rebekah devoted herself to Klaus’s care in the aftermath.

Anyway, Rebekah has a change of heart the next day and begs Genevieve to undo the spell. Genevieve can’t do that: once a spell is in motion, it cannot be stopped. Mikael is coming. Rebekah is hysterical with fear, and Genevieve suggests they admit what they did to Klaus. This panics Rebekah even further, and in desperation, she takes a bloody influenza-infected handkerchief and shoves it in Genevieve’s face, exposing her to the deadly virus. Clara comes in on this, so Rebekah is forced to do the same to her. Rebekah then has them committed to the isolation room, where they are left to die.

Klaus seethes with rage, and Genevieve offers up her wrist to him so he can regain his strength. He feeds, she unstraps him, and hands over the bone dagger. His first reaction would have been mine: he holds the dagger to her throat. (Klaus is not one who appreciates being controlled.) But then he relents - and starts stalking Rebekah.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Elijah have joined forces to find Rebekah and Klaus. Elijah visits Monique, who is entombing her aunt Sophie, a “casualty of war.” She has a message for him from Celeste: “To find what you are looking for, follow the path she left behind.” Tattoos of names appear all over Elijah’s body, a riddle that is often used by witches to teach their children. When the riddle is solved, the tattoos will disappear. Back at the compound, Hayley and Marcel help catalogue all the names. Marcel recognizes a few: all witches who killed themselves. They do some further research and discover all the names on his body are witches who killed themselves, except one: Clara Sommerland. She died during the flu epidemic. The tattoos disappear, signaling that Clara is the answer. Hayley runs a web search and finds an old photo of Clara as a nurse at the Fleur de Lis Sanitarium. Marcel realizes who she is, why she has Rebekah and Klaus, and where they can find them. He divulges the truth about what went on, so Elijah knows what they are up against.

Klaus has found Rebekah in the basement of the hospital. He promises her that the damage inflicted by the blade will be infinitely worse than being daggered in a box. “You will be immobilized in a state of raw anguish.” Rather than plead forgiveness, Rebekah tells Klaus to just do it already. He is disappointed that she concedes, and she charges him. The siblings fight until Marcel appears and throws himself into the fray. Klaus is pleased - he wants Rebekah to watch him murder her lover. For her part, Rebekah insists that Marcel didn't have anything to do with the plot to destroy Klaus, but this actually offends him. “If you offered me a fraction of that loyalty I wouldn’t have to do this.” Elijah jumps into the mess, grabs Klaus, and stabs him with his own dagger. While Klaus is incapacitated by pain, Elijah tells Rebekah and Marcel to run as far as the can.

Dig It or Bury It?

I wanted this episode to have more impact, but it didn’t. It was well plotted and played like a real horror movie, but Rebekah’s betrayal just didn’t get me. Maybe I felt like it wasn’t a surprise that she would call on their father to destroy Klaus. Maybe it is because since the Originals can’t really die, I don’t feel that sense of danger. Maybe I am just dead inside. I don’t know, but it didn’t fill me with this terror or urgency that the episode seemed to demand.


Marcel and Rebekah are on the run from Klaus.