TV Recap: 'The River' Episode 108 - 'Row Row Row Your Boat'


The River Episode 108

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Written By: Aron Eli Coleite & Michael Green

Directed By: Gary Fleder

Original Airdate: 20 March 2012

In This Episode...

With Emmet safe, the crew of the Magus heads home. But naturally, it's not all peaches n' cream. Shots ring out on the deck, and a bullet meant for Emmet misses and hits Lincoln in the neck. He is dead in seconds. Tess is hysterical, and everyone starts pointing fingers at everyone else. None of the 87 cameras on that ship caught the gunman.

Jahel says that Lincoln's soul is still with them on the boat, and she can bring him back to life. Emmet says no, but grief-stricken Tess says yes. The ceremony includes homemade tarot cards, blood from both of Tess's arms, and the magical amulet Emmet gave Lincoln as a child. It works. When Tess opens the door to Lincoln's room, he is standing there, alive and well. 

Well, alive. Not so much well. Jonas visits Lincoln while he is making a sandwich. He knows it was Jonas who tried to kill Emmet and got Lincoln instead - and he's none too happy about it. With one swift motion, he slits Jonas's neck and hides him in the air ducts. While Emmet is looking over footage, he comes across the footage from the kitchen, but it doesn't show anything untoward. Later, in a quiet moment between Emmet and Lincoln, Lincoln tells his dad that he loves him and hugs him. This is what unsettles Emmet; Lincoln hasn't done that since he was a child. He goes to Lena with his concerns - and knows enough to shut off the cameras.

Lena visits Lincoln on deck, and he comes on to her. She returns the kisses and hands him a beer. "Drink this and follow me." He does, but whatever it is about the beer is meant to reveal the demon - and it does just that. As Lincoln is choking on his own blood, Emmet knocks him out and he is tied up in the navigation room. From that point on, it is pretty much a standard exorcism. Emmet tries to convince the demon to let go of Lincoln; the demon resists. Jahel apologizes - the Boiuna is not just the region but a demon, and she let it into Lincoln. Kurt knows about the source, and though he won't talk about it, he says that Boiuna must be fought from within. Emmet must talk to Lincoln, and get Lincoln to fight the demon. He does, and it works. With a scream, the demon is released, and Lincoln is back.

The plan is to abandon the Magus at the mouth of the Boiuna before heading home - they have no use for it anymore. The exit of the Boiuna is just around the bend... but it's not. They lose GPS signal. AJ sends an aerial camera up. The river is actually changing its shape to keep the crew there.

Dig It or Bury It?

I've got to say, this was a weak way to end the season (and, likely, the series - the ratings are terrible and the show is very expensive to produce). The bulk of the episode is a very generic exorcism plot. Guy dies; guy is brought back to life by a mystical ceremony; guy is possessed by a demon; guy convulses and speaks as the demon; exorcist must talk to the human and sprinkles herbs and tinctures over guy. It was something that we've seen a million times over. Even the contortions were banal compared to what we've seen recently (The Devil Inside). And after all that, we didn't even get any answers. So we know the Boiuna is not just a location, but a demon. Nothing shocking there. We don't find out what the Source is; we don't find out the significance of the symbol on Lena's neck. I did like the river changing its shape to keep them there, but this was such a letdown from last week's episode, which was much better.

Spirited Scares

When the demon leaves Lincoln, you don't see it, but you do see a slithering pattern in the water, like Nessie.

There's Magic Out There

The exorcism. Yawn.


I really hope that The River gets a second season. The general consensus seems to be that the ratings are too low, but I am hopeful. It deserves another season.