TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 104 - 'Heather'


The Secret Circle Episode 104


Written By: David Ehrman

Directed By: Dave Barrett

Original Airdate: 6 October 2011

In This Episode... 

Cassie does a little research and finds that Heather Barnes spent a couple years in a mental hospital before falling off the planet. Her brother, Wade, lives nearby, so she and Adam go check it out. Wade is angry and bitter, and lives in a shack to match, but he leads the kids to Heather, who has sat, completely motionless, for 16 years. Cassie notices a scar on her wrist and shows Adam the same symbol in her mother's book of shadows. As far as they can tell, it is some kind of binding spell - so maybe if they unbind Heather, she can tell them what is going on. Naturally, Diana is a killjoy and tells them it is too dangerous. So Cassie enlists in Faye's help to do the spell. They sneak in while Wade is out, rub a potion on Heather's wrist, and chant. Nothing happens.

The girls head home and Cassie reluctantly lets Faye come over to read her mother's grimoire. Meanwhile, Diana has been reading her mom's grimoire and discovered that the spell Heather was under was to prevent evil from seeping out. Cassie and Faye's spell worked - Heather wakes up and walks to Cassie's house. Cassie is surprised to see her. Heather is looking for Amelia, scratching her arm, and weeping softly. "She wanted to protect you," she moans cryptically. "She tried to protect us, but it went inside me." And what exactly is that? Demons. Pure evil - in the form of a giant centipede. Amelia couldn't get it out of Heather, so the binding spell was to keep it at bay and make the heinous pain stop. Now Cassie has released it, the demon has taken control of her body, and she sets about terrorizing both her and Faye. Faye is on the phone with Adam (who called to warn the girls) when Heather attacks, so he and Diana rush over. Nick and Melissa see Faye and Heather fighting as they are fooling around in his room, so they come over. Faye and Heather make it outside, and Heather follows. Wade shows up, startling Heather and causing her to run in front of an oncoming truck. She is killed instantly. The evil crawls out of Heather through one of her wounds and catches a ride home with Nick in his jacket. But Nick isn't its new host - Melissa is.

Dig It or Bury It?

While this episode wasn't terrible, it was a disappointment. The previews for this episode made it look cool, with lots of action and weird stuff. But then it turned out that Heather's only demonic power was to shove people really hard and jump really high. Someone needs to start watching Supernatural to see how demonic possessions are handled on the CW. And with all six kids there, why didn't their magic kick in and do some cool shit to Heather? I know that I shouldn't be focusing on all the petty stuff, but Heather has essentially been comatose, not moving a muscle, for 16 years. Yet Wade has her living in a chair in a dark, dingy shack. How does she eat? There is no IV. What about bathroom functions? Does Wade bathe her? She seems very clean. Why does he keep her sitting in a chair? She has a perfectly good bed just three feet behind her.

I am trying my best to ignore all the petty high school drama bullshit, but it is hard when any time Cassie and Adam are in the same room, they look to Diana guiltily, waiting for her approval. You guys are all bound - deal with it. I do not miss even a second of high school.

I Put a Spell On You

Aside from Faye and Cassie's very, very dull unbinding spell, Nick and Melissa combine their powers to unbutton her blouse with magic. Now that is useful.

Season of the Witch

One death tonight: Heather, hit by a truck. Violence? Hardly. Some strong shoves and Heather leaping from first floor to second and back is as much as a "fight" as we get.


The kids discover that the evil has crawled into Melissa, and they find a strange old suitcase in the woods that is throbbing. I think it is Basket Case's new digs.