TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 105 - 'Slither'


The Secret Circle Episode 105


Written By: Dana Baratta

Directed By: Liz Friedlander

Original Airdate: 13 October 2011

In This Episode...

Melissa, now possessed, tells Nick that she found a note leading her to her family's book of shadows. She makes him dig it up. He discovers a very heavy suitcase six feet under in the forest. Back at the magic house, she starts prepping for a spell to unlock it safely, and other circle members start showing up. Faye, Nick, and Cassie notice that there is something moving in that suitcase - then they notice that a worm is crawling around under Melissa's skin. They knock her out and tie her down, and Cassie - not knowing what else to do - runs and gets her grandma. Grandma knocks the demon out of Melissa, but it crawls into Nick, and Nick bolts. Their first priority is to get the suitcase secured. It is full of demons who have taken the guise of serpents. Grandma does a spell and they light the case on fire. Now it is time to find Nick.

Nick has lured everyone to the docks by threatening to kill Adam's dad. Dawn was down there because she and Charles were trying to work a spell to discover the locations of the other power crystals. The one crystal they have left is out of power, and the spell fails. Nick bumps into Dawn, and he reveals his demon self to her. He forces her outside, and she surreptitiously calls Charles so he can hear what is going on. I guess demon's don't really understand electronics because Dawn wasn't exactly hiding the fact that she dialed and that the screen glowed brightly. In any case, he meets her down by the dry dock. The demon is there for the circle and their power - in other words, it wants to kill the kids. Charles knocks out Nick, and Dawn decides the only thing they can do is drown the demon and hope that Nick makes it through. Well, he doesn't. Charles holds Nick underwater until he stops screaming and thrashing and fighting back. Nick is dead, and Dawn and Charles hear footsteps, so they run. Cassie and Grandma find Nick. Dawn believes they did the only thing they could do, but Charles is wracked with guilt.

Dig it or Bury It?

Okay Williamson. You've got me. I gave you until episode six to turn this show around, and here it is, episode five, and my first thoughts are, "This episode is pretty good." And not just because I watched The Secret Circle before Vampire Diaries tonight. There wasn't a whole bunch of jibber-jabber. It was dark and the show seems to finally be propelling forward with storyline, instead of just treading water and hoping the viewer would stick around to find out what dastardly deeds the adults are colluding on.

I'm also glad they didn't punk out and find a way to save Nick. For one thing, after Sally was brought back to life a few episodes ago, if Nick was saved, it would have made Chance Harbor the place where no one has to die. And for another thing, Nick was just one of those boring, generic characters. He won't be missed, not by me. Hopefully now that the bound circle is broken, it will unleash havoc.

I Put a Spell on You

Faye, Diana, and Adam tried to do some kind of spell on the dagger that Melissa is holding to Nick's throat. They are trying to (I guess) heat it up so it burns Melissa and she is forced to drop it. Of course, since it is pressed up to Nick's throat, he would be burned too. It was nice to see Grandma practice some magic tonight. You know, someone who knows what the hell she is doing. 

Season of the Witch

Nick died a necessary, but uninteresting death.

This Magic Moment

According to Grandma, there are only two ways to kill a demon: drown it or burn it. Seems like a much easier way to kill than, say, a wooden stake through a precise area on the chest...


The kids seem to be coming a bit unhinged following the death of Nick. Oh, and apparently a psychopath is on the loose. I guess that is reason enough to act out.