TV Recap: 'Sleepy Hollow' Episode 104 - 'The Lesser Key of Solomon'



Sleepy Hollow Episode 104
“The Lesser Key of Solomon”
Written By: Damian Kindler
Directed By: Paul Edwards
Original Airdate: 7 October 2013

In This Episode...

Jenny has escaped from the mental hospital, and Abbie convinces Captain Irving to stall on the warrant for her arrest. He gives her 24 hours. Abbie and Ichabod start with Jenny’s last foster home, the only one that kept her for more than a year. Her foster mother lives in a dump and currently cares for a malnourished child who sleeps on the floor - clearly it was not a loving home. After being threatened with a call to child protective services, the foster mom finally reveals that Jenny would sometimes go to a cabin that belonged to a “friend.”

Abbie and Ichabod discover the cabin belonged to Corbin, and he and Jenny knew each other - there were photos of them all over. Jenny is there, and the sisters point their guns at each other. Ichabod calms them down and Abbie gets Jenny to trust her - at least temporarily. Corbin told Jenny that if anything happened to him, there was something in his cabin that she needed to hide. It turns out to be a sextant, engraved with symbols that Ichabod recognizes.

So here is the tale: during the Revolutionary War, Washington sent Ichabod and his commander to retrieve something. Upon arriving at the Boston harbor, they discovered this stone crate was being guarded by a Hessian, who killed himself in order to protect the crate. Ichabod was the only one who survived the explosion, and he was able to take the crate to safety. He had been told it contained a weapon, but he never saw what was inside. Ichabod recognizes the sextant as being a projector, and when positioned properly contained a map of Sleepy Hollow 200 years ago. Shots fire, and they are set upon by a trio of Germans with lots of artillery. They capture the main guy, but the other two make off with the sextant.

They interrogate Mr. German. who Ichabod identifies as a Hessian as well - he has the mark. According to German (I don’t know his name) the box contains a doorway to the seventh circle of hell: the Lesser Key of Solomon. It was a book of black magic written by King Solomon in which he trapped 72 demons. German mumbles that “He has been with you since that day in the forest,” summoned by the horseman. His final words are in German before he bites into a cyanide pill. Ichabod translates: Moloch shall rise. Moloch was the demon the girls saw in the forest.

Luckily, Ichabod’s eidetic memory allows him to recreate the map that the sextant had revealed, and the trio head to an abandoned church, where the surviving Germans have already started their plan to open up the floodgates of demons. This involves spilling blood onto the book, which causes a pit of souls to open up in the floor. It reminds me of the souls that struggled to escape Freddy Krueger’s torso in one of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels - but this is gooier, more like Jell-O. When the “good guys” show up, more fighting ensues, and ends with Abbie grabbing the book while one of the men has a gun on Jenny. The threat is made that if Abbie doesn’t drop the book, Jenny will be shot. So Abbie drops the book - into the pit of demon Jell-O. The pit is sealed up and quiet is restored.

While Abbie knows she can’t fix how she treated her sister when they were kids, she can try to do right by her now. She offers a sincere apology and offers to take over as Jenny’s limited legal conservator.

Dig It or Bury It?

I thought the Key of Solomon would be around longer - you know, so we could explore all the demons that it could unleash. Clearly, that’s not in the cards. This sibling rivalry is annoying. Ichabod had to break up at least three squabbles between the sisters tonight. This isn’t a reality show; I don’t want to watch that nonsense. But otherwise I enjoyed the Jell-O demons. I wanted to see more of them.

Douchey Time Traveler Thing to Say

The Boston Tea Party was created by General Washington in order to cover up the Colonists’ search for this crate. Although at the time, they called it “Destruction of the Tea.” “You’ve devised a more festive description,” Ichabod says, only a hint of snark.


More time travel nonsense when a kid shows up in Sleepy Hollow, in old-timey clothes. But he may have brought the plague with him.