TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 704 - 'Defending Your Life'


Supernatural Episode 704

"Defending Your Life"

Written By: Adam Glass

Directed By: Robert Singer

Original Airdate: 14 October 2011

In This Episode...

Dean is relieved to have a "normal" case to investigate: a guy appears to have been hit by a car - on the 10th floor of an apartment building. Research reveals the dead guy, 10 years earlier, accidentally ran over a little girl on a bike. Thinking this is a simple haunting case, they go dig up the girl's bones and set them on fire. The next day, a guy is mauled to death by a dog in a diner bathroom, and none of the patrons saw the canine. Research on that guy shows he was convicted of running dog fights. At both crime scenes, Sam finds red dirt.

As the boys are driving, they nearly hit an older man, Warner, running for his life. They take him back to the motel and he explains that, decades ago, he shot a couple to death during a convenience store robbery. He was recently paroled, and while enjoying a drink at a local bar, he was "taken," and woke up in a barn, with "weird symbols" all over, and a man acting as judge and jury. The boys split up: Dean to the bar (of course) and Sam to the barn. He wants to bring Warner, but Warner claims the people he killed are out there waiting for him. So Sam seals him in salt. When the boys are gone, Warner is spooked by a noise, leaves the salt circle, and is ultimately shot by his victims.

At the bar, Dean drinks himself stupid while pouring his heart out to the cute bartender. They are to meet outside after her shift, but Dean is gone by the time she gets out there, snatched away by a shadowy hand. Sam is at the barn but sees nothing out of the ordinary. Bobby calls and tells him they are dealing with Osiris, an Egyptian god who looks into the hearts of people and weighs their guilt. Sam goes back to the bar, looking for Dean, but he is already gone - all that is left is his cellphone and a horny bartender. Back to the barn, Sam finds his brother, chained to a chair and at the mercy of Osiris. Sam volunteers to be his lawyer and defends Dean against "witnesses" who speak to his guilty feelings. First up is Jo, who Sam gets to admit on cross that she started hunting because of her father, not Dean. Next, Osiris puts Sam on the stand, and Sam insists that he would have been dragged into hunting with or without Dean's help. Ultimately, it is not Osiris who decides upon a person's guilt; he just dishes out the punishment based on a person's own feelings of guilt.

Dean is drowning in guilt, and begs for his sentence so Osiris won't call the final witness - who Dean fears will be Amy. The two go back to their motel with instructions to put his affairs in order. Bobby calls with a fix - more of a long-term band-aid that will banish Osiris for a thousand years or so. "Let another generation deal with it," Bobby insists. Sam must find a ram's horn, which he decides to steal from a Jewish temple (this, somehow, offends Dean). Dean sits himself in a circle of salt, but when Jo comes to kill him, it doesn't matter. As a former hunter, she knows all the tricks to get around it - like shattering the window and making the wind muss the salt line. Before she can kill him, Sam has the ram's horn, sneaks up on Osiris as he is trying to snatch a new victim, and stabs him through the heart. Jo disappears, Osiris crumples, and Dean is left with no one to judge him but himself.

Dig It or Bury It?

Generally I am not a fan of watching TV characters bemoan bad decisions that they make. We all have bad decisions we have to live with; why watch other people deal with them as well? But somehow, Dean wasn't too obnoxious over it. Maybe because, as a character, he is always generally dark and mopey, so other than a few extra eye-rolls and a little more booze, he wasn't much different. Sammy, meanwhile, has a good grasp over his hell situation. Other than a jab in his now-healing hand, Sam wasn't at all bothered by his crumbling wall.

Spooky Humor

When Sam is defending Dean, he objects to Osiris calling a witness:

Osiris: "On what grounds?"

Sam: "We did not receive prior notice of this witness."

Dean: "Good one."

Sam: "Thanks. I saw it on The Good Wife."

Blood Brothers

When the first dude gets crushed by that car, there is a big, beautiful blood splatter against the wall.

Sibling Rivalry

As the episode draws to a close, Dean wonders why Sam wasn't called on his own guilt. When Sam admits that, after going to hell, he feels okay to let go of his guilt, Dean is jealous that he can't do that - and then feels even guiltier.


Next week is the Buffy/Angel reunion episode with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, called "Shut Up, Dr. Phil." In other words, best episode of the season.