TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 707 - 'The Mentalists'


Supernatural Episode 707

"The Mentalists"

Written By: Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (no, that's not a typo)

Directed By: Mike Rohl

Original Airdate: 4 November 2011

In This Episode...

Dean heads to Lily Dale, NY after he hears a news report about two psychics getting killed. When he pulls in to town, he discovers it is a town full of psychics. Every storefront and house offers palm readings, tarot, seances, and every kind of fortune telling you can imagine (it is later explained that Lily Dale became a haven for mediums as a place where they could live in peace - much like that town in Florida where carneys spend their off time). Dean finds Sam already in town, in his FBI duds. He is not happy to see Dean, but begrudgingly agrees to work the case together.

The two victims, Imelda and Goldie, were both wearing the same necklace at the times of their deaths (Imelda left the necklace to Goldie in her will). So they start there and find the necklace in a consignment shop. That is a dead end - it's made in Taiwan. They meet with Goldie's granddaughter, Melanie. She too does readings, but freely admits she is not a psychic - she gets her info by reading people's body language and facial expressions (like any "psychic" does). Goldie left Melanie a voicemail, saying that she had a vision of her own death. Melanie's friend Camille - who reads chicken bones under the name Sister Thibideux - has a similar vision and calls Melanie for help. Luckily Camille has a security camera running at all times. They play it back and see an old woman creeping up behind her. Melanie recognizes the woman from a photo in the town museum.

The woman from the video is Kate Fox, one half of a sister psychic duo. Kate was truly psychic, troubled but mesmerizing on stage. Sister Margaret had no such talent, and was charged with caring for her younger sister and managing the business end. The boys go to the cemetery and burn Kate's bones. They should know by now that this wouldn't be that easy. Come two a.m., the time in Camille's vision, a ghost is after her - the ghost of Margaret. Melanie calls Dean begging for help. He advises on salt and iron. They slow Margaret down, but eventually she kills Camille. Dean gets there too late, but does protect Melanie while Sam hunts down Margaret's bones. The boys realize whoever has Margaret's bones has bound them so that Margaret can do their evil bidding.

Jimmy, who runs the consignment shop, gives Sam the address of a person who bought all the necessary items to bind bones. As soon as Sam gets there he discovers it is a pregnant yoga class or something. Jimmy is the culprit; he sent Sam on a wild goose chase. Jimmy's plan was to kill the headliners of the annual psychic convention until they had no choice but to hire Jimmy. He has real power, but is a shlub with no stage presence, so he won't get fame and fortune like the others. Sam fights with him, shoots him, and burns Margaret's bones before she can kill Melanie.

Dig It or Bury It?

Did I miss something? What happened to the Impala? Why is Dean driving around in a stolen Dodge, painted a hideous combination of sky blue and primer?

It was a nice, light-hearted episode, a little obvious (as soon as I heard Kate had a sister, I immediately figured out that she was trying to warn people of her sister's treachery), but fun all around.

Blood Brothers

Goldie was killed by the planchette from her ouija board: is started levitating on its own, then impaled itself - pointy side first - into her jugular. Even better was Nikolai's death. He was a spoon bender, and was prepping his flatware for his show (weakening them so they can bend with no effort). He is shocked when they start moving on their own, standing straight up on the coffee table. He is even more shocked when he begins levitating - and is thrown down on top of the cutlery, impaling himself.

Spooky Humor

When Dean first rolls into town, he stops into the Good Graces Cafe, where the "special of the day is you!"

When Sam destroyed Margaret's bones, he found them in Jimmy's bed. Creepy, yes, but allows for Dean's terrible pun: "I can't believe he was boning her." 

Sibling Rivalry

Sam is not happy to be working with Dean again, and he is unsuccessful at hiding it. Dean finally confronts his brother about it: "I know you are pissed, but enough is enough." Sam is mad that Dean killed his friend, but in Dean's mind, he killed a monster that herself had already killed four people. Sam can't argue with that logic. "You can be pissed all you want," Dean tells him, "but quit being a bitch about it." By the end of the episode, Sam has decided to travel with Dean. He can't blame his brother for his decision, but he was upset by Dean's guilt; like that guilt should be telling Dean that he did something wrong. "I went with my gut," he says, and admits he has been having a hard time trusting anyone since Castiel went nuclear. 


Apparently next week, Sam is getting married. It has to be in some alternate dimension or something, because the wedding takes place in a set that looks like it came from a Tom Petty video.