TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 708 - 'Season 7, Time for a Wedding!'


Supernatural Episode 708

"Season 7, Time for a Wedding!"

Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 11 November 2011

In This Episode...

It is the Winchesters' annual Vegas pilgrimage. While Dean is flirting with a cocktail waitress at a strip joint, Sam is on a "crunchy, hippie, douchebag hike." That is, until Sam texts Dean, telling him to meet him a few blocks away - and wear your Fed suit. Dean does as little bro asks, armed and ready for a fight. But he is here for a wedding. Sam's wedding. To super fangirl Becky. Yeah, Dean can't believe it either. The newlyweds head up to her house in Delaware to spend some couple time. Naturally, Dean follows.

We don't have to wait long for confirmation that Becky is dosing Sam with love potion from her Wiccan friend, Guy. During their first dinner as married, Sam's spell starts to break, and she quickly doses him again, and he falls right back in love with her. Dean, having a drink at a local tavern/family restaurant, notices a headline in the local paper: lottery winner falls prey to a freak traffic accident just days after winning. Another guy, a baseball player, is sitting on the bench one day; the next he is starting lineup for a major league team; the next he is getting his face smushed by a baseball. Dean presents these freak accidents to Sam, along with an article about a guy going from sales associate to CEO overnight. But Sam and Becky are one step ahead of him and already on their way to interview the CEO.

Bobby, busy with a swarm of something-or-other in Seattle, hooks Dean up with a temp hunter, Garth. They interview the CEO after Sam and Becky do (and decide he knows nothing). But Dean gets more out of him - it was his wife that wanted him to be CEO; he was happy in sales. They chase down his wife, who blows them off until she is nearly killed by a plummeting light fixture. Then she admits some guy asked if she would sell her soul so her hubby can be named CEO. She thought it was a joke.

Meanwhile, the elixir starts to wear off again. Becky can't get any more from Guy for a few hours, so she knocks out Sam and ties him to the bed, Misery-style. He tries to convince her that Guy is not out to help her, but Becky doesn't believe that; they are "besties," after all. But when she finally meets with him, he reveals himself as a crossroads demon, and he wants her soul in exchange for Sam's lifetime devotion to her. He even offers to extend the contract, giving her 25 years until he collects instead of the standard 10. Of course, Becky doesn't know that Guy has found a loophole around that. He is the one behind the weird deaths. He has a guy who causes "accidents." She has to go home and think about it. When she returns, she agrees to his contract - but only because she told Sam what was really going on. She drops a lighter on the carpet, where an invisible line of liquor lights up in the shape of a pentagram around him. Sam, Dean, and Garth come out of hiding. Guy's muscle guy, Mongo (his name is actually Jackson, but Mongo seems more appropriate) is also there. Becky runs, Mongo tangles with Sam while Dean takes Guy. Becky comes back in and stabs Mongo with a dagger, saving Sam's life. Dean gets the dagger next and threatens Guy to release the contracts he has going in exchange for walking out of there.

Crowley shows up. Mongo sold Guy out, and Crowley is truly offended that Guy would break the terms of his contracts. "All we have is our integrity and consumer confidence." Crowley breaks all the contracts and Dean turns Guy over to him, letting Crowley deal with him. Crowley also reveals that all his demons have strict instructions to stay out of the Winchesters' way while they battle the leviathans. Crowley hates those fuckers and is happy to let the boys deal with them.

Dig It or Bury It?

First off, before even seeing this episode, I figured it had to be good because of the title. "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" Hilarious. Plus, I am a big believer that titles that end with exclamation points are awesome. And this episode did not disappoint. It was offbeat, it was wacky, it was well structured, and it fit in very well with the Supernatural mythology. Yet another great episode in a rockstar season. Bonus points for not wasting a single second on actual wedding nonsense.

Spooky Humor

Crowley: "I only have one rule: make a deal and keep it. This isn't Wall Street; this is Hell! We have our integrity!"

Sibling Rivalry

After making a huge deal out of how stupid it is for Sam to marry Becky, he needs his help on case, so he shows up at Becky's place with a waffle iron as a wedding gift. "This is me being supportive. We good now?"


The boys go camping, but not for fun - they are hunting the Jersey Devil. Well, I guess it depends on your definition of "fun."