TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 713 - 'The Slice Girls'


Supernatural Episode 713

"The Slice Girls"

Written By: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner

Directed By: Jerry Wanek

Original Airdate: 3 February 2012

In This Episode...

A rash of murders have Sam intrigued and Dean pretty much just going along with it. Four men in two weeks have turned up dead. All have been thrown around their homes with such force they broke through walls. All had their hands and feet cut off. And all had a strange symbol carved into their chests. Dean isn't particularly interested in this gig because it has nothing to do with Dick Roman, so the first chance he gets, he heads out to a bar, where he hooks up with a hot chick named Lydia.

The next day, Sam is desperately trying to get Dean interested in the case, especially because another body was discovered overnight. Dean, however, is distracted. He left Bobby's flask at Lydia's house and she hasn't been returning his calls. He finally goes over there, and discovers that Lydia has a baby named Emma. As he is leaving, he swears he hears the infant - not even a year old - asking her mother questions is complete sentences. He stakes out Lydia's house for a few hours and sees a couple of women come to the door. Lydia lets them in hesitantly, then calls for Emma - by now Emma is five or six years old.

Sam thinks that Dean is delusional (strange, given the shit they see everyday) and drags him to visit a professor to examine the symbol carved into each victim. He is a poor substitute for Bobby, but eventually figures out that the symbol is a variant of ones used by an ancient Greek cult that was said to have been started by the offspring of the goddess Harmonia and the god Ares. Their offspring were the Amazons, a female culture who had no use for men other than for procreation. Sam fills in the rest of the details with the monster side of the research: the Amazon population was decimated, and they went to Harmonia for help. She gave them the ability to speed up the breeding process: women would give birth within 36 hours of impregnation, and the children would reach adulthood at the same rate, at which time their development would return to normal. This "gift" made them monsters.

Emma and her "siblings" are being raised by a coven of Amazons. As they approach their sweet 16s, they are sent out into the world to kill their fathers - part of the ritual that makes them warriors of their tribe. She goes to Dean, her father, and begs him to save her, help her escape this evil cult. Dean warily hears her out. When his back is turned, she pulls her ceremonial dagger. Dean's reflexes are quick, and he pulls his gun on his daughter. And yet, he can't pull the trigger. It takes Sam, who figures out that the daughters kill their fathers (not their mothers) to kill her.

Dig It or Bury It?

A good episode, but there was nothing "special" here. I feel like there were some missed opportunities for humor here, like when Sam is giving Dean the "safe sex" talk or giving him hell for being the one to call his one night stand (even if it is because he is looking for his flask). It was an intriguing story line, but it just lacked that Winchester "spark."

Sibling Rivalry

As the boys are leaving town, Sam is mad at Dean for the double standard. Dean was mad that Sam couldn't kill Amy, yet when the tables were turned, he couldn't do the same to someone as close. Sam finally relents: "Tonight you almost got killed. Just... just don't get killed."

Spooky Humor

Like I said, there was much by way of humor this week, but in that "Sibling Rivalry" scene, Sam yells at Dean for "not having his head in the game." "Neither do you," Dean counters. "You're just as screwed up as I am," Sam fires back. "You're just bigger," is Dean's only counter. 


It's the perfect storm of horror next week. A Chuck E. Cheese-like establishment allows kids to use their drawings, make them come to life, and get revenge on adults. Oh, and there are clowns in this episode.