TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 715 - 'Repo Man'


Supernatural Episode 715

"Repo Man"

Written By: Ben Edlund

Directed By: Thomas J. Wright

Original Airdate: 17 February 2012

In This Episode...

Four years ago, Sam and Dean went to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where a demon had possessed a young man named Jeffrey and sent him on a killing spree. With the help of a local Wiccan named Nora, the Winchesters exorcised Jeffrey and things were quiet. For a bit. The boys return when a new batch of bodies with the same M.O. crop up.

Sam and Dean track down Jeffrey, worried he has been re-possessed. He hasn't, but he hasn't exactly been living the good life. Since his possession and exorcism, he began drinking, lost his job, and started talking about the possession - which put him into a mental institution. He is out now, living in a halfway house, and has just adopted a puppy from the shelter (I call her Pepper). Jeffrey remembers a list of victims that the demon used to repeat in his head. Sam heads to protect the next on that list, a librarian named Marjorie. Dean stays behind to protect Jeffrey. Jeffrey remembers that the demon had a nest, so he and Dean (and Pepper, of course) go check it out.

In the abandoned warehouse, Dean finds a young man, beaten and bound to a chair. As he tries to free the kid, Jeffrey injects him with a sedative. When Dean wakes, Jeffrey is preparing for a ritual. He liked being possessed, and wants his demon back. Jeffrey was one of those quiet crazies, just on the edge of becoming a full-blown psychopath. The demon pushed him over that edge.

Meanwhile, Sam is starting to get a full picture of what is going on, with help from an unlikely source: Lucifer. He has started appearing to Sam, and Sam is having a hard time getting him out of his head. He steadfastly ignores Lucifer until he points out that the new victims all had sedatives in their systems, and a demon has more than enough strength that it shouldn't need a sedative. Sam's next stop is to Nora, who admits to helping Jeffrey. Jeffrey came to her, looking for a spell to summon the demon back. She refuses, and the next day he kidnaps her son from his dorm room (the kid that Dean finds in Jeffrey's lair). Nora gives Jeffrey the spell, but it doesn't work (the first time around, the demon named names, so it was sent to a special corner of hell that is much harder to break out of) so Jeffrey cuts off his hostage's ear and sends it to Nora. Fearing her son's life, Nora turns over an extremely powerful spell, guaranteed to work. Unfortunately, it requires dog organs (bye bye Pepper) and the blood of the exorcist who originally banished him.

Jeffrey performs the ceremony successfully but is disappointed when the demon chooses to possess the kid instead, claiming that he has taught Jeffrey all he can. The kid doesn't have that "evil" already, so this will require more of the demon's skill. Using her son's ear in a tracking spell, Nora and Sam find the lair and break it up. Nora's kid gets trapped in a symbol and she exorcises the demon once and for all. Jeffrey tries to attack but Dean is too fast and shoots him dead.

Back at the motel, Dean goes straight to sleep, leaving Sam with only one companion: Lucifer. He let Lucifer back in to his brain so now he can't force him out. Lucifer sets the room on fire, and you can see Sam's brain start to crumble....

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a solid episode despite not having any one or two "stand out" moments. What was most fascinating to me was that this was the first time (at least, in my memory - this show has been on for a long time) that the monster the Winchesters go up against is a human being. Sure, Jeffrey had been possessed by a demon, and was trying to be possessed by a demon, but ultimately it was not the demon who made him kill; it was just the demon who gave him the confidence to kill. Had he not been possessed, something else would have pushed him over the edge.

I will say that I was not a fan of Pepper being sacrificed.

Spooky Humor

This was a surprisingly dry episode. The only real humor came from Lucifer, who was whining like a petulant child, desperate for daddy's attention.

Sibling Rivalry

Sam and Dean were apart for most of the episode, but I have a feeling shit will hit the fan when Dean finds out that crazy Sam is back.


Castiel is back... apparently he returns when a cursed phonograph is played...? Who cares, I am just happy to have Cas back.