TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 716 - 'Out With the Old'


Supernatural Episode 716

"Out With the Old"

Written By: Robert Singer & Jenny Klein

Directed By: John Showalter

Original Airdate: 16 March 2012

In This Episode...

A ballerina in Portland straps on a pair of pointe shoes and literally dances herself to death. It is as if the shoes have a mind of their own. Sam and Dean investigate, and immediately decide this is a case for them because, despite the ballerina's feet exploding, the pointe shoes do not have a drop of blood on them. The guys go to the Portland police station and ask the evidence clerk to see the shoes. They are gone - they followed his little girl into the bathroom. The boys find her putting on the magic pointe shoes and tackle her. The shoes make her kick fiercely, and she apologizes the entire time. Dean finally gets the shoes and it is pretty clear that they are cursed. The next step is to find where they came from.

Luckily the shoes have a price tag inside. They came from an antique shop called Out With the Old. The proprietor, Scott, is liquidating the shop. It was his mom's shop; she died a week ago, right after selling the property to a realtor. Scott had no idea what he was selling, and supplies Sam and Dean with the addresses of the customers who bought the cursed items (each had been stored separately in special curse boxes, stored in a safe decorated with occult symbols). The boys retrieve three more items: a "vintage gentleman's magazine," a gramophone, and a teakettle. These objects are recovered with only one death (the teakettle's owner), and safely stowed. 

With the immediate threat out of the way, Dean starts thinking (I know; I was shocked too). It seemed curious that a woman who had devoted 40 years to her shop would suddenly decide to sell - and then die in a car accident the very next day. With some help from Frank, Dean discovers that Bicklebee Realty, the company buying up all the property on Main Street, is a subsidiary wrapped in a conglomerate that belongs to Roman Enterprises. Joyce Bicklebee's assistant, George, spots Sam at the coffee shop and reports back to Joyce gleefully: "I saw a Winchester." Naturally, Joyce and George are leviathans. George thinks that since he spotted the Winchesters, he will get to eat them, but his megalomaniacal boss just laughs at him. She uses Scott to trick the boys back to the shop, and she and George surprise them. The four battle, but George, unexpectedly, helps Sam out, showing him where the bucket of chemicals is for his head to be dunked into, and the sword with which to decapitate Joyce.

When the killing subsides, Sam and Dean question George. He just desperately wanted Joyce dead so he could eat her head and taste freedom. The boys finally get him to spill on Dick Roman's plans for the land he has in Wisconsin and in Portland. "Research facilities," George finally confesses. Apparently the leviathans are engaged in a global plot... to build research facilities and cure cancer. Monsters curing cancer makes Dean nervous, but he forgets about it when he and Sam roll up to Frank's trailer and find the place ransacked and streaked with blood. There is no body.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode literally took me aback - it was so close to Friday the 13th: The Series it was uncanny. The old syndicated TV series was about cousins who inherited an antique store filled with cursed antiques. The first half of tonight's episode was most definitely inspired by F13.

As much as I loved the cursed antiques aspect, it felt like a fragment storyline. Why did the woman have the cursed objects? Nearly half of the episode was devoted to the cursed antiques, and as far as I could tell, they were merely a device to get the Winchesters into town.

Spooky Humor

Sam hasn't slept in days because Lucifer keeps yelling in his brain when he does. His hand trick doesn't work (he should probably try the other hand, or open up a wound on his stomach or something) so he has opted to never sleep again. Dean asks his brother if he can hear Lucifer right now. "He's singing ‘Stairway to Heaven,'" Sam admits. "That's a good song." "Not 50 times in a row."

Dean: "Dancers are toe-shoes full of crazy."

Blood Brothers

It should be obvious that the ballerina's death was the most spectacular. She spins and spins at an inhuman rate, then blood splatters around the rehearsal room like spin art. When we finally see the dead dancer, it looks like her feet were blown off by a grenade, and the ballet slippers are stacked demurely, free of blood amidst a swamp of gore.


Sam loses his marbles and ends up in a mental hospital. Dean enlists the help of every hunter he can find - including one that looks exactly like Castiel.