TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 719 - 'Of Grave Importance'


Supernatural Episode 719

"Of Grave Importance"

Written By: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 20 April 2012

In This Episode...

Annie calls the boys and wants to meet up with them to give them some of Bobby's books. They set a lunch date and Annie checks up on a case in the interim: teens disappearing in a perfect, stereotypical haunted house. She finds the kids dead - and she soon follows.

The next day, when the boys realize they have been stood up, they check around for local stories that Annie may have been investigating, and discover the disappearances centered around the haunted house. Bobby is hanging around them this whole time, like a guardian angel - a guardian angel who swears a lot. He is weak and cannot make contact with Sam and Dean. He is tied to his flask - where it goes, Bobby goes. Luckily it usually goes with Dean.

So the boys are poking around the old Van Ness house. They can't find anything, but Bobby does: Annie. In fact, the house is full of ghosts, including the two teens who died there the night before. Most of the ghosts there are quite stand-offish. Annie and Bobby finally get one douchebag to explain how they can begin to interact with physical objects: it is all about getting zen. With nothing to go on, Sam and Dean head to the local historical society and discover that the house was once owned by Whitman Van Ness, who made his fortune in the gold rush. He lost it all, and the house became a bordello. Van Ness was said to be a soft touch for hard stories, and hired a criminal named Dexter, who eventually killed Van Ness's fiancee.

With some practice, Bobby finally learns how to manipulate physical objects, and leaves a note for Dean in the shower steam on the mirror. He directs the now-freaked boys back to the haunted house. They begin looking around some more. While the boys were gone, Annie met Victoria, a "fancy lady" who died there. Van Ness entertains himself by terrorizing the other ghosts in the house. He kills humans, hides the bodies so they can't be given "hunter's burials" and feeds off the ghosts when they are no longer of any use to him. Victoria is terrified of him. When Sam and Dean return to the house, Victoria is elected to talk to them because she is stronger than either Bobby or Annie and can make herself known. Bobby takes his flask so he can stay in the house with Annie and try to save the ghosts from certain "ghost death" while Sam and Dean head out to the Van Ness family crypt to burn Whitman's corpse. Of course, Whitman slips one of his belongings in Dean's coat so he can stow away with them.

With Van Ness gone, Bobby and Annie locate the corpses in a hidden room from the house's speakeasy days. Van Ness tries to crash Dean's car. He manages to pull over, the boys find the key or whatever he slipped into their pocket, and shoots it, zapping Van Ness back to his house - where he discovers Bobby and Annie mucking about in his room. He attacks Bobby, but before he can send him into limbo, or wherever ghosts go when they die, the boys find his corpse and burn it. The boys return to the house quickly, and Bobby greets them by habit. This time it works - Dean and Sam can see and hear him. Bobby passed up his reaper because he felt that there was still more work to be done here - and the boys needed him. The guys burn the corpses, including Annie's, and head out. Dean puts the flask in the trunk, but Bobby is still riding in the backseat, unseen, listening sadly as Dean tells his brother that Bobby staying with them goes "against the natural order" of things.

Dig It or Bury It?

Bobby's back! How can you go wrong? That's one thing about Supernatural that I love. You can always, always, always count on a character - even one who died - to return in one way or another. This episode wasn't as funny as I have come to expect, but it certainly was atmospheric. Supernatural knows how to do a haunted house. American Horror Story, take note. The house was a cliche, right down to the hidden room, accessible only by pulling on a wall sconce, but that only seemed to add to the charm.

Spooky Humor

When the boys return to the Van Ness house, but before they can see Bobby, Dean starts calling out for Annie. When that fails, he tries another trusty companion: "Slimer?" Also funny in a totally disturbing way: Sam, Dean, and Bobby all hooked up with Annie at one time or another. 


Bobby remains, and Felicia Day guests stars as a lesbian tech girl who helps Dean and Sam with a heist.