TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 720 - 'The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo'


Supernatural Episode 720

"The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

Written By: Robbie Thompson

Directed By: John MacCarthy

Original Airdate: 27 April 2012

In This Episode...

Bobby explains what he found in Dick Roman's office. The big facility they have just started to build is a soylent green factory. Roman's plan is to "cure" humanity of diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc., drug their food to make them complacent, and lead them to slaughter. They plan on engineering the perfect herd. 

The boys get an email from Frank. Unfortunately, the email says if they get this email, it means Frank is dead. After Roman and his goons killed him, they took Frank's hard drive back to Roman Enterprises, where Dick hand delivered it to the plucky hacker prodigy named Charlie (played by the adorable Felicia Day). Hacking it activated the email, as well as a GPS tracker. The boys immediately hunt it down.

It takes her all night, but Charlie finally hacks into the hard drive. She can't resist peeking into the folder marked Roman Enterprises, and is overwhelmed by the tales of leviathans she finds. Unsure if it is true or the ramblings of a crazy man, Charlie isn't taking any chances. She goes looking for her boss, and instead sees one of Dick's henchmen eat Pete and take his identity. She races home and starts to pack - and finds the Winchesters waiting for her (the hard drive is still at work; it turned on her web cam and the boys took it from there). Once everyone proves they aren't shapeshifted monsters, and with a little cajoling, Charlie agrees to help the boys. They want her to hack into Roman's emails, but they are stored on a local server - in other words, she can only get to it from Roman's office. She is hesitant, but finally says what the hell and helps the guys out.

Charlie hacks the building's security cameras, putting them on a loop. This gives her 15 minutes to sneak up to Roman's office and get the goods. The boys monitor from the car. Bobby, who is still hanging around against the boys' wishes, hitches a ride with Charlie. Sam and Dean had tried to leave him at home for fear that he would turn into a vengeance spirit. Inside, Charlie flirts her way past a top-floor guard and makes it into Dick's office, where she easily hacks his account (his password is w1nn1ng). When the guard gets curious and goes looking for her, Bobby distracts him with a door slamming shut, giving her time to cover her tracks.

Back at her own cubicle, she peeks at the emails as she uploads them to Sam. They discover that whatever Roman was digging for, he must have found it, and it is arriving at a private airport later tonight. Charlie buys them more time by sending out an email, claiming the package would be delayed due to weather, giving Sam and Dean enough time to get to the airport, pose as baggage handlers, and switch cases. They get Roman's treasure - which, as far as they can tell, is a lump of red clay - and the courier brings Dick the swapped package - which contains a borax bomb. It doesn't kill Roman, of course. It doesn't even really slow him down - it just makes him angry. Charlie doesn't make it out of the building before Roman has the whole place on lockdown. But Bobby is still with her, so he helps out by shattering the glass doors and throwing Roman around the lobby until Dean and Sam can get there and whisk Charlie away. Charlie heads out of town, and the boys contemplate how vengeful Bobby may now be.

Dig It or Bury It?

How can you go wrong with Felicia Day? You can't. She's just a delight to watch on screen. I love the soylent green aspect.It's so perfect - delightfully evil, yet somehow not too dark or intense. I don't know why I don't find it that somber, but there it is. Sam and Dean's paranoia that Bobby might become a vengeful spirit is a little sad. Have they no faith in their mentor?

Oh, and this is one of my favorite Supernatural titles ever.

Spooky Humor

There were so many wonderful moments to choose from, but I think my favorite is when Dean tells Charlie to flirt her way past the security guard. She doesn't know how - she's a lesbian. "Pretend he has boobs," he suggests unhelpfully. Then Dean asks if she has any tattoos, explaining that guys always think tattoos are hot, which leads us to one of the greatest lines ever committed to screen: "It's Princess Leia in the gold bikini, straddling a 20-sided die." Beat. "I was drunk! I was at Comic-Con!" Beat. Finally, Dean says, "Hey we've all been there."


Castiel is awake and talking, and a kid gets hit by lightening, becoming a prophet of sorts, and Sam and Dean believe he now holds the key to killing the leviathans.