TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 801 - 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'


Supernatural Episode 801
“We Need to Talk About Kevin”
Written By: Jeremy Carver
Directed By: Robert Singer
Original Airdate: 3 October 2012

In This Episode...

Dean’s back. He arrives in a flash of light and travels to Louisiana, where he digs up an unmarked grave and cuts open a huge, glowing pustule on his arm. Some chants cause his buddy Benny to appear, resurrected from the glowing ooze in Dean. They hug and part ways.

Meanwhile, Sam is in Kermit, Texas. He dresses and leaves the house before his girlfriend and dog wake, and drives the Impala to Whitefish, Montana. Upon entering the “hunting shack,” he is attacked - by Dean. Once Dean is sure Sam isn’t a demon - and proves he isn’t a demon - they embrace. Their reunion is short-lived, as Dean is hurt when he finds out that Sam didn’t go looking for him. Even worse, Sam gave up hunting. Then Dean listens to Sam’s unanswered voicemails, and there is a string of calls from Kevin. First pleased, for he escaped Crowley. Then anxious, then drunk, finally hopeless. This guilts Sam back into “the life.”

With some audio sweetening, Sam discovers that the last call from Kevin came from Centerville, Michigan. Kevin’s high school girlfriend, Channing, goes to school there, but when the boys interview her, she claims she hasn’t seen Kevin since high school. The boys leave, and we later see that Channing is now a demon. She kills her roommate and uses the blood to deliver a message to her unseen master: that Dean Winchester is back.

Sam uses his techie skills to track down Kevin to Iowa. So that is where the boys head - to an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere. Kevin is here, and once he is sure Sam and Dean aren’t leviathans, he explains how he escaped Crowley. There was another tablet, another word of god. This one described how to open the hell gates, one of which was located in Wisconsin. Kevin starts working on the recipe needed while Crowley heads to Wisconsin. Kevin instead followed a chapter that describes how to destroy demons, so his recipe kills his captors and allows him freedom. He hid the tablet, but did read something else, something very important: how to close the hell gates and banish all demons from earth forever. Dean is psyched for the chance to close the hell gates, but Sam isn’t so sure - another thing that upsets Dean.

An earthquake rattles, splitting open the floor and spewing forth a few demons. The boys battle, and Crowley and Channing enter. Crowley promises that he will let Channing go if Kevin goes with Crowley. Dean tries to tell him it is a trap. But Kevin has set up a trap. He goes to get his things, but when he doesn’t return, Crowley goes looking for him. Kevin has booby trapped the room and stalls Crowley and the demon Channing so that the Winchesters can grab the car. They pick up Kevin and drive off - but not before they see Crowley command the demon into another “meat sack,” then snaps Channing’s neck.

The boys hit a rest stop and Dean goes to return a “wrong number.” It’s Benny. Dean doesn’t regret what they did down there, but doesn’t think they should talk for awhile. Even still, Dean tells him to call in an emergency. Benny believes that what Dean said about purgatory was true: it was pure. And Benny wishes he had enjoyed it more... like Dean.

Dig It or Bury It?

Off to a great start this season. It’s still funny and violent and monstrous, but with this new rift between the Winchesters. They are brothers; they fight. But this time feels different.

Flashback to the Future

We learn that while in purgatory, Benny helped Dean escape. His only request was to hitch a ride out of there - it is a human portal that Benny on his own couldn’t go through. Hence the glowing boil on Dean’s arm.

Meanwhile, Sam got a dog and a girlfriend, purely by accident. He hit the dog with the car, and brought him into the animal hospital, panicked and wracked with guilt. The pretty young vet promises that the dog would eventually make a full recovery, then guilts Sam into taking care of the stray. The vet would later become the girl that Sam gives up hunting for, and the girl who he claims breaks his heart (which we know is not true.)

Spooky Humor

Crowley snaps the demon out of Channing for a minute, and she is pleased to see Kevin. She asks him what is going on, and he responds: “There is a demon in you and you are going to your safety school.” Suffice it to say, Channing was more upset over the school than the demon.

Dean insists he smells dog in the Impala. Sam says that is ridiculous, but later when he admits to hitting the dog, Dean flips out. “My rules are simple! Don’t take a joint from a guy named Don, and no dogs in the car!” (There is no specific reference to the guy named Don; it was just a name the writers came up with).


One of the word-of-god tablets is going up on the auction block... and it may cost you your soul.