TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 802 - 'What's Up, Tiger Mommy?'



Supernatural Episode 802
“What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”
Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
Directed by: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 10 October 2012

In This Episode...

Before going after the tablet, Kevin insists on checking on his mom. Dean worries that it will be a trap, but Sam finally convinces him, and they go. Dean was right: they discover that both the gardener and mailman are demons, as is Mrs. Tran’s friend, Eunice. The boys dispose of these three with ease, but now Mrs. Tran has to be told why exactly Kevin left a year ago, and why Eunice glowed rather than bled when stabbed. Mrs. Tran seems to believe everything she is told but she refuses to go to a safehouse; instead, she insists on going with the boys to find the tablet. Dean is against it, but finally relents when she agrees to be tattooed with a protection symbol - which she handles like a champ. Kevin... not so much.

Our new foursome head out to get the word of god tablet from the bus station locker Kevin hid it in. For some reason, they are shocked that it isn’t there. Security informs them that an employee was caught stealing from the lockers, and sends them to talk to him in police lockup. That guy sends them to a pawn shop, and the pawn guy sends them to motel. There they are met by a dandy in a top hat named Bo, who says he is the right hand to Plutus, the god of greed. They are invited to a mythical objects auction where the tablet will be sold. Bo assures them that auction is in a neutral area, where all magic is forbidden, and is likely the safest place for Kevin.

With no money to buy the tablet, the boys hope that Kevin can just memorize it before the auction. But this is Supernatural - nothing is that easy. The tablet is covered up - can’t be read. Dean’s next plan, to lift it, doesn’t work either. The only thing they can do is win the auction. They are not off to a great start when Crowley appears and opens the bids with $3 billion. An angel named Alfie is there, and wants the tablet, so he gets into a bidding war. Bo, who is running the auction, says that the reserve hasn’t been hit, and adds Kevin to sweeten the pot. This is all Mrs. Tran can stand, and she bids her soul. This intrigues Plutus. Crowley offers a million souls, but is informed it is not the quantity, it is the quality: this is literally all Mrs. Tran has in the world to exchange for her son. Crowley offers his soul. Plutus laughs - Crowley doesn’t have a soul. Mrs. Tran wins.

After the auction, the boys spend a few minutes with Mrs. Tran, calming her down. Alfie offers her and Kevin the protection of the angels, but Mrs. Tran doesn’t trust him. It is time for the trade to begin, but Dean stops it when Mrs. Tran reaches out and we see that the magical tattoo on her wrist has been burned off. With a little help from Bo earlier, he burned off her tattoo and now Crowley has possessed her. Chaos erupts and the boys come out fighting. They kill Plutus, they kill some demon sidekicks, and Sam kills Bo with the hammer of Thor. Dean tackles Mrs. Tran / Crowley, trying to make off with the tablet. She vomits red smoke and out pops Crowley. (Worst magic genie ever.) Crowley runs off with the tablet even though he can’t read it without Kevin (“One out of two ain’t bad.”) Mrs. Tran is in a state of shock. Sam and Dean give mother and son a few minutes alone, during which time Sam is worried that Dean would have slit Mrs. Tran’s throat in order to get Crowley. The boys decide things are too quiet. Turns out Kevin and his mom have taken off, leaving a note in their wake. Kevin seems to think that the boys will only get hurt if he sticks around.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love Mrs. Tran. She is going to be a great addition to this season - assuming she comes out of her shock. Is anyone else perturbed about the fact that Sam just left his family, with no word? Isn’t Amelia looking for him? 

Spooky Humor

For the tablet, Crowley bids $3 billion. Alfie counters with the Vatican. So Crowley bids the moon. Literally.

Flashback to the Future

Dean took pleasure in torturing demons to find Castiel. He finally does find Cas, who says he is sane. Dean is mad that Cas bailed on him. The reason he bailed on Dean was to lure the leviathans away from him, and keep Dean safe. The final scene of the episode is a tight shot on Castiel’s panicked, begging Dean “no.” It looked like he was going to be dropped.


Sam is determined that, when they are done with this last job, he is out. He wants his normal, boring life.