TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 804 - 'Bitten'



Supernatural Episode 804
Written By: Robbie Thompson
Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Original Airdate: 24 October 2012

In This Episode...

The Winchesters are in town for a potential werewolf case. While investigating a house that ends up being the scene of a brutal double murder, they find a note on the computer that says “Play Me.” So they play the movie.

What follows is 35 minutes of found-footage nonsense. Proceeding in exactly the same manner as every found-footage film ever, it starts with two buddies, Michael (a jock type who doesn’t actually play sports) and Brian (an A/V nerd with hopes of becoming a documentarian) mucking about with Brian’s camera in a coffee shop. They meet Kate, who is drawn to Michael because she thinks it is his camera. The two fall in love, much to the disappointment of Brian, who wanted her.

Anyway, the boys are out one night and they get into a scuffle with a local douchebag. The boys split up and run. Michael gets attacked by something in the forest, and Brian helps him back home. His bite marks heal in minutes, and are replaced by superhuman strength. Brian seethes with jealousy, and begs Michael to bite him. Michael won’t. The kids are questioned by the Winchesters, who are investigating the “animal attack” murder of Brian and Michael’s neighbor. The kids think the Winchesters know more than they are letting on and spy on them, eventually realizing that Michael is now a werewolf.

In reviewing the footage, Brian recognizes a lapel pin that had fallen off in the attack. It belongs their English lit teacher. Brian blackmails him into giving him the bite. It is not long after that the secret camera Brian set up in the professor’s office catch Dean and Sam storming the office and killing the werewolf. Brian shows the video proudly to Michael, and the boys begin to fight. It ends with Michael being killed, stabbed in the fray. Brian then gives Kate the bite so that they can live happily ever after (or some such nonsense.) Kate is furious and hides in the bathroom. When she gets ahold of her emotions, she pretends to go along with Brian - and instead kills him. She then finishes editing Brian’s film with the epilogue that she is going away. She will live off animal hearts instead of human hearts. She has never killed a human, and doesn’t intend to. Sam and Dean watch the video, consider this, and decide to let Kate go. But if she ever pops up on their radar, they will kill her without hesitation.

Dig It or Bury It?

Yawn. Yet another found footage movie - er, TV show. This is such a late comer to the genre, that there is no point for it. The characters were all cliched archetypes, the story was nothing new, and quite frankly, I found it excruciatingly boring. The only part of the episode I liked was that they only ran the “opening” credits at the end of the episode, after the found-footage movie had played. It was cute to see the producers try to play this off as “real” like every other found-footage property.


We learn all about Benny next week, as Dean packs up and goes off to help his friend.