TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 805 - 'Blood Brothers'



Supernatural Episode 805
“Blood Brother”
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Guy Bee
Original Airdate: 31 October 2012

In This Episode...

Benny is in Washington and takes on three vampires that he has an old beef with. He is outnumbered, and while he does win and kill all three vamps, he is badly beaten. He calls Dean for help, who instantly comes to his aid - much to Sam’s anger.

Dean brings blood to Benny, and Benny explains why he is here and taking on his own kind. He is here to kill his maker. When he was made, he was born again into his nest. Benny’s nest took to the high seas and boarded, ate, burned, and sank ship after ship. One day Benny meets and falls in love with a woman named Andrea. He abandons his nest and runs off with her. They settle down in Louisiana and live quietly until his nest hunts him down and kills him. The last thing he sees is Father tearing Andrea to shreds. Benny is back to kill Father.

Benny has a tip that his hive is now living on Prentiss Island, so he and Dean head there. They sneak into the nest’s headquarters, and Benny is shocked to discover that Andrea is there, “alive” and well. Father didn’t kill her; he turned her. Andrea is thrilled to see him and slips him a key to his cuffs. Benny is delivered to Father. He slips his cuffs, kills Father’s goon, amd then turns on his maker.

Benny returns downstairs. We must assume he is victorious - we do not see him fight, but he has a bloody knife. He is ready to leave this life and live quietly with Andrea. But Andrea likes her violent vampire life and has no intention of leaving. She begs him to stay, but he refuses. He came to burn the hive to the ground and bury his memories of her. She is no longer the woman he knew, so he plans to follow through. Andrea doesn’t like that, she vamps out, and Dean sneaks up from behind and kills her.

Dig It or Bury It?

Kind of a sentimental episode. Some lovely beheadings, a lot of flashbacks, a handful of giggles, but nothing about this episode stood out for me.

Spooky Humor

Dean: “You guys are vampire pirates? You’re vampirates!”

Benny: “I can’t believe, in all these years, no one ever thought of that.”

Flashback to the Future

Lots and lots of flashbacks tonight. Sam worked for a short time as a handyman at the motel he was staying at. Turns out Amelia lived in the same motel, and she is creeped out that this drifter is still hanging around. Gradually, she starts to trust him - just a little bit, and largely because Riot seems to be playing matchmaker.

Meanwhile, we see a little bit more of purgatory. The most important fact is that, in a fight, Benny comes to Castiel’s aid, despite not trusting him. When a leviathan attacks Cas, Benny beheads the leviathan without a thought to his own safety.


Garth is back, and the Winchesters are more at odds than ever. Dean is particularly pissed that Sam essentially left him for a girl.