TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 807 - 'A Little Slice of Kevin'



Supernatural Episode 807
“A Little Slice of Kevin”
Written By: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner
Directed By: Charlie Carner
Original Airdate: 14 November 2012

In This Episode...

Dean thinks he is seeing Castiel everywhere. So he throws himself into a case that Sam has dug up: a little kid disappears from his school around the same time a freak tornado hits. Similar cases of people disappearing just before freak natural disasters (earth-splitting earthquakes, hail storms, etc.) The boys are stuck, but they have a new “issue” to deal with: Castiel is back. He is not at full power (which is why Dean thought he saw Cas - he couldn’t connect with the boys), he looks like hell, and he has no idea how he got out of purgatory. With Castiel there, the boys catch a break - even a small one: the missing people are all potential prophets. When Kevin dies,  another will rise. None of them have any knowledge of their potential prophetic-ness. It is Crowley who has captured all the potential prophets in the hopes that one of can read the tablets. (None of them can.)

The boys are still working the missing persons case - until Mrs. Tran calls.

Kevin and his mom had been on the move to prevent detection. They were holed up in an abandoned diner. Mrs. Tran hired a witch (on Craigslist, naturally) to create some demon bombs for her. But she sold them out to Crowley and led the king of hell to them. Crowley takes Kevin and leaves his goon to kill Mrs. Tran. Mrs. Tran super-soakers the goon with holy water and calls the Winchesters. Crowley has taken Kevin to his secret lair (an empty factory in Iowa.) The missing people that Sam and Dean were looking for are here, too. Castiel, Sam, and Dean meet Mrs. Tran and she has a surprise for them: the goon is tied up in her trunk. He leads them to Crowley’s hideout, and Dean kills him.

Crowley is torturing Kevin. It’s not until he cuts off Kevin’s pinky finger that Kevin agrees to translate. Most of what he tells Crowley is crap that he already knows, but two things pique his interest: first, Kevin confirms that there is a way to seal the doors of hell. Second, there seems to be a “note” included from Metatron (who is apparently an archangel; I thought he was a Transformer) that is essentially a goodbye note, and mentions a “compendium” of tablets. Kevin doesn’t get much further because the Winchesters storm the joint. Dean can’t seem to pick the lock to the room Crowley and Kevin are in, so Castiel zaps himself in. He and Crowley face off, and Kevin backs away. Cas does some crazy angel power move where his eyes glow blue and shadows of wings grow out of his back. Castiel crashes the glass display which holds the tablets, and Crowley disappears. Not really sure what happened there or where the tablets went.

As the denouement sets in and everyone checks in with each other, Castiel blinks away. He ends up in a sterile, modernly-furnished office. A woman named Naomi greets him. This is heaven, and the angels fought hard to get Cas out of purgatory. As “payment,” Naomi wants Castiel to continue to help the Winchesters, but report back to her for little “chats.” They won’t ever know that he is gone and he won’t ever remember being there.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally, we are back on track. Not only did we get back to the prophet storyline, we also got Castiel back! Of course, I think this is like the fourth time in two seasons that Cas has come back, so it is starting to get a little less special every time. I am fascinated by the introduction of heaven. So this Naomi chick is keeping secret tabs on the Winchesters. Is heaven conspiring against them? Doesn’t that essentially go against everything heaven stands for?

I have another theological question: as an angel, why does Castiel have to shave? It just seems that an angel wouldn’t have to worry about that. Am I over-thinking things?

Flashback to the Future

All of our flashbacks take place in purgatory this week. We see that Dean, Benny, and Castiel approach the portal out of purgatory. Benny hops a ride by absorbing into Dean’s bloodstream. Dean makes a run for the portal, but he and Cas are set upon by a pair of leviathans. Dean beheads them easily, jumps into the portal, and grabs Cas. Cas is too weak and slips away as the portal closes. Dean has been wracked with guilt that at his inability to save Cas, but Castiel tells him he is remembering it wrong, and shows him the truth: Castiel let go. He wanted to stay in purgatory as punishment for his “crazy times.”

Spooky Humor

Crowley and his band of misfits are great this week. He holds the tablet up to one middle-aged man and asks if he can read it. “I can’t read Chinese,” the man says. “Talk about the dumbing down of America,” Crowley grumbles. He hands it to another would-be prophet, and she starts “reading” it, making stuff up - until Crowley turns the tablet right-side up.


After a quick Thanksgiving break, Castiel decides he wants to be a hunter. This is the “cartoony” episode that producers Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver teased at the beginning of the season.