TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 809 - 'Citizen Fang'



Supernatural Episode 809
“Citizen Fang”
Written By: Daniel Loflin
Directed By: Nick Copus
Original Airdate: 5 December 2012

In This Episode...

Sam has asked Martin, a hunter recently released from a mental hospital, to keep an eye on Benny, who is living in the Louisiana bayou. When a body turns up he calls Sam, who insists that he and Dean check it out. Dean resists - partly, I think, because he is afraid that Benny really did fall off the wagon - but eventually agrees. Sam, in turn, agrees to give Dean a few hours to talk to Benny and see what’s up. Martin is very upset by this.

Dean finds Benny at a fishing hole - burying a second body. He insists that this is not his doing. A headstrong vampire named Desmond (side note: is that not the douchiest vampire name ever?) has decided he is going to put together a new nest and wants Benny’s street cred to help get it going. Benny refuses, so Desmond starts leaving a trail of bodies that can be blamed on Benny to lure him into helping. He agrees only so that he knows where Desmond is building his nest, and he and Dean go there. Desmond is a pretty easy kill, and Benny beheads him.

Dean and Benny say their goodbyes, but Benny gets a call from Elizabeth, the owner of the gumbo diner Benny had been working at. Elizabeth is also Benny’s great-granddaughter, but she doesn’t know that; she just sees him as a big brother-type. The call is not from Elizabeth, but from Martin, who has borrowed Elizabeth’s cell phone to place the menacing call. By the time Benny gets back to the diner, the place is closed up, and Martin is holding Elizabeth at knifepoint. He taunts Benny and doesn’t care what Sam or Dean say - he wants Benny dead. When reasoning doesn’t work, Benny finally offers himself to Martin, laying his head down on the counter for an easy cut.

Elizabeth, traumatized, calls Dean. When he arrives, he finds lots of blood, and a body. Martin’s body. Benny is nowhere to be seen (I can’t be sure, but it looks to me like Martin had been killed with a knife, not with teeth.)

Sam, during this time, had raced out to see Amelia after getting a panicked text from her. But upon arriving at the house they once shared (I wonder if she got the dog, too) he sees through the window that she and Don are watching TV and sharing a beer, perfectly content. Sam realizes that this was all Dean’s doing, as both a test and a way to get him out of his hair while he neutralized the Benny situation. Sam figures this out and calls his brother. He is pissed to find out that Benny is in the wind and doesn’t want to hear the extenuating circumstances. As Sam is leaving the bar to rejoin Dean, he runs into Amelia. “I knew it was you,” she breathes.

Dig It or Bury It?

Tonight’s episode was surprisingly mellow. There wasn’t much action, there wasn’t much that propelled the mythology forward, and there wasn’t much humor. I was very disappointed: this episode had vampires in the Louisiana bayou and there was not a single True Blood joke. It was an “emotional” episode, not in a sappy way, just in a head-shrinking way. It was a very well-done episode; it just wasn’t very memorable. 

Flashback to the Future

Sam’s flashbacks show that both he and Don are treating the whole Amelia situation remarkably well. Don approaches Sam at the bar and promises he won’t kick his ass. He doesn’t blame either of them for doing what they did in light of the circumstances. Neither of them can decide what is best for Amelia; only she can decide. Don insists that whatever she decides, the other guy should respect it. Sam agrees, but struck by Don’s maturity in the situation, Sam (who before that encounter told Amelia that he didn’t want to do the right thing) goes home and moves out. He believes Amelia needs to give it another shot with her husband.


The Winchesters are on their winter break, but when they return January 16th, Castiel is there - and it seems that heaven has been fucking with him.