TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 811 - 'LARP and the Real Girl'



supernaturalSupernatural Episode 811
“LARP and the Real Girl”
Written By: Robbie Thompson
Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc
Original Airdate: 23 January 2013

In This Episode...

The boys take on a case in which a young man named Ed had his limbs ripped from his body. There were no signs of forced entry - or even any signs that anyone was there. The number one suspect is Lance, a friend with whom he had had a heated argument over the phone, ending with some threatening texts. When Sam and Dean get Lance into an interrogation room, he is horrified to learn his friend is dead. Lance explains that he and Ed were LARPers - Live-Action Role Players. They play in a world called Moondor and Lance tells them to check out the website. While they do, Lance starts coughing up blood. Within seconds, he has bled out of every orifice and dropped dead.

While watching the video of Moondor, Sam and Dean see a familiar face: Charlie. She is the queen of Moondor. LARPing was the only thing that Ed and Lance had in common, though Sam notices they both have tree birthmarks / tattoos on their inner arms. So they head to Moondor, an elaborate Renaissance-style tent city set up in the forest. Charlie is not happy to see the boys but agrees to help, as a queen who must protect her subjects.

Sam heads to the tech tent, where a bunch of LARPers are having a LAN party. He hops on the computer to research several other LARPers who have gone missing or had horrible accidents as of late. There have been a number of them. A cute blonde sitting next to him helps him figure out that the tree symbol is a Celtic symbol known as the Tree of Pain. Dean learns the same info from Charlie (after she dressed him in period garb) who recognizes the symbol from a favorite video game. The guys realize that the only faction that hasn’t suffered injuries or death is the Shadow Orcs - so they start there. Sam stays in the “village” while Dean and Charlie head into the woods to find some orcs. They have no luck, so they team with a guy named Boltar to help lead the way. Dean sends Charlie back to town to find Sam while he and Boltar continue to seek out orcs.

Charlie doesn’t make it back to the village. She is taken by a tall figure in black robes and a stag skull. The figure does not respond to her beanbag magic - it is all real. Charlie wakes in a sumptuously decorated cabin, far too nice to be anything in the woods, and the figure reveals itself to be a her - a beautiful fairy named Gilda. Gilda explains that she is being controlled by a master who stole her from fairy world to do his bidding. At first it was just minor injuries, but his tasks escalated. Glinda is scared but there is nothing she can do. Her master’s spellbook must be destroyed to free her from his servitude. 

Dean and Sam meet up in the village, and are worried that neither has seen Charlie. They organize a tent-to-tent search for her, but find nothing. Boltar decides to bring one of the orcs they had in the town stocks,who remembers seeing a strange tent at the edge of the river. The guys go check it out - and walk in on Charlie and Gilda making out. Gilda is frightened when she sees her master come in: Boltar. He bought a real fairy spellbook off eBay and was taking out the competition who would seek the attention of the queen, who he is in love with. Boltar makes Gilda take away Sam and Dean’s weapons and turns his styrofoam sword into a real one. He starts fighting Dean - who must rely on good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat while a suit of armor comes to life and traps Sam. It is up to Charlie to save the day. The only way to break the spell is to destroy the spellbook. She grabs a sword and stabs the spellbook through. With a bright burst of orange light, the spell is broken and Gilda can turn Boltar’s sword back to foam. Dean easily gets the upper hand and knocks him out. Charlie is way in lust with Gilda, but sadly, Gilda must return with Boltar to her fairy homeland, so he can face a tribunal. They kiss their goodbyes.

Dig It or Bury It?

Seriously, how can you not love this episode? Felicia Day returns as Charlie, and she is just way too adorable. The LARP setting is used both respectfully and hilariously - I love how they are constantly interrupting their grandiose speeches and elaborate scenarios to deal with real-life issues in matter-of-fact tones. For example, at the end of the episode, with the case solved, Sam and Dean decide it is time for some fun. They join Charlie’s army in battle, dressed in full regalia. Dean starts giving a speech to his team - the Braveheart speech (“It’s the only one he knows”) but he has to stop mid-sentence when a frisbee lands in their battlefield and a “normal” rushes in to collect it. It is very reminiscent of when Wayne and Garth play street hockey.

Spooky Humor

There was much to laugh about in this episode, but my favorite was when Sam got the coroner’s report back on Lance. Despite the fact that there was no trace of it in his system, the coroner deems Lance’s cause of death to be from belladonna poisoning. In unison, Dean and Charlie cry out: “The porn star?”

Blood Brothers

You really don’t get to see many people being drawn and quartered on TV anymore. It was a treat. 

The Name Game

This week, the boys are agents Taggart and Rosewood (of Beverly Hills Cop fame.)


Sam and Dean get a visit from a time traveler who has come from 1958 - their grandfather.