TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 813 - 'Everybody Hates Hitler'



supernaturalSupernatural Episode 813
“Everybody Hates Hitler”
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia
Original Airdate: 6 February 2013

In This Episode...

The ornate box Sam and Dean got from Henry holds a key. The key opens the former headquarters for the Men of Letters in Kansas. Despite not having been used in at least 60 years, it is clean and still has power and running water. The huge art deco headquarters was clearly the Men of Letters nerve center: HAM radio, full library, weapons, mini fridge. The boys settle in. They are there for about two weeks before they get a case.

An old rabbi named Isaac Bass spontaneously combusts in a college pub in Pennsylvania. Sam found his info in one of the Letters’ files. He was part of a team of rabbis that were “hardcore saboteurs” during WWII. The guys head to Pennsylvania and split up. Sam goes to the library to see what Bass was researching so intently, while Dean talks to the witnesses at the bar. While there, Dean thinks a young guy is following him - it turns out that he was just flirting with Dean. He tries to be cool, but leaves quickly. Sam calls - he thinks he is being followed. They plan to meet at a parking lot in 30 minutes.

Dean thinks he has found Sam, but it is really this massive ogre-like man, who throws him across the parking lot. Sam hears his brother in trouble and tries to hack off the meaty arm of the ogre - the knife sticks and doesn’t slow the monster down. The guy who was hitting on Dean at the bar stops him. His name is Aaron, and this is his golem.

As Aaron explains, Bass was his grandfather. He was always telling Aaron fantastical stories of the war, which he and his parents chalked up to escapist fantasy. But once Bass died, it became clear his stories were true. The group that Bass was part of was the Judah Initiative, and they created the golem from clay to protect the Jews in times of “general crappiness.” The golem tore down a Polish ghetto and killed a whole lot of Nazi bastards. Bass left the golem to Aaron, the last remaining heir of the Judah Initiative. Bass spent his entire life tracking a sect of Nazis called the Thule Society, necromancers who financed the early days of the Nazi party and used the concentration camps to kill Jews and practice bringing them back to life until they could perfect the process and use it to reanimate their own. What Bass was researching was a ledger the Thule Society kept that detailed their experiments and included a list of all the Nazis they were able to reanimate. When Bass found the ledger, one of the Nazi necromancers found him and killed him with mind fire. 

As the remaining descendant, the golem was left to Aaron. When he was Bar Mitzvahed his grandfather gave him a small book that was like a golem owner’s manual. In high school, Aaron used the pages to roll joints. After Bass died, an enormous box showed up at Aaron’s house, and the golem walked out. The two do not get along. Before he died, Bass called Aaron and read him off a combination of numbers and letters that he couldn’t figure out. Sam recognizes it as library call numbers. The ledger is hiding in plain sight. Sam, Dean, Aaron, and the golem break into the library and Sam runs to grab the book. One of the necromancers finds him and shoots a poison dart into his neck. Sam makes it back to Dean before collapsing. The necromancer gets Aaron, too, and Dean begs the golem to obey him and go kill the necromancer. He does, and once the necromancer is dead, the effects of the poison dissipate. Following their normal protocol, Sam and Dean burn the corpse. Good thing, because after they get the ledger, Sam figures out that the only way to kill a member of Thule is with a headshot. The body must be burned within 12 hours or it will reanimate itself.

In the morning, Sam and Dean are trying to figure out a way to put the golem back in the box, so to speak, because they would feel more comfortable knowing it was possible. Aaron isn’t happy with this, but before they can get into it, a swarm of Nazi necromancers break in. The leader, Eckhardt, stops the charging golem with a few words, then takes control of him by making the golem spit out a scroll. Aaron was supposed to have written his name on this scroll to maintain control over the golem but, well, he smoked that info. So with the golem disarmed, Eckhardt has his goons subdue Dean, Sam, and Aaron. Aaron manages to grab a plank of wood and knock out Eckhardt with it, which distracts his goons long enough for Sam and Dean to grab their guns and shoot them - Eckhardt included.

Aaron decides that he is going to take up his grandfather’s mantle and learn how to properly use the golem to hunt down other members of Thule. Sam and Dean return to their new Batcave and relax with some whiskey and some books.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig it! Besides the fact that Nazis are the most terrifyingly perfect villains, I love this new mythology they are setting up. All of these different groups of secret societies chasing old-world demons. Plus, the Winchesters’ new digs are pretty damned swanky.

Blood Brothers

The Winchesters kill a Nazi by shooting him in the head at the same time. It was kind of special.

Spooky Humor

After the golem kills the Nazi in the library, Sam and Dean bury and burn the body while Aaron and the golem watch from the car. “Oh my god. These guys are psychopaths.” Later, while the golem and Aaron are arguing, the golem complains because his “rabbi” eats swine. “Everyone loves bacon!” Aaron cries. So true.


We are officially hitting the back end of the season, so it is time to get back to those pesky tablets. Kevin has deciphered them and figured out how to close the gates of hell. It’s some kind of demonic obstacle course.