TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 818 - 'Freaks and Geeks'



supernaturalSupernatural Episode 818
“Freaks and Geeks”
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: John F. Showalter
Original Airdate: 27 March 2013

In This Episode...

We are in Kansas. A couple kids are making out in a car when they hear something. The boy, Aidan, goes to check on it while the girl, Chrissie, waits in the car. Suddenly the window is broken in and she is dragged out. Aidan decapitates her vampire attacker swiftly.

Sam and Dean roll into town, suspecting that vampires might be at play here. They are right, but they come across something far stranger: a trio of child hunters. Well, teenage hunters. One of them is Chrissie, whose dad is a hunter, and someone Dean knew from a few years ago. Well, I should say was a hunter - he was killed by vampires. So was Aidan’s family, and Josephine’s (the third of their trio). The three of them, now orphaned, are being raised as hunters by another hunter, Victor, who Sam and Dean had met a few years ago. The Winchesters go with the kids to Victor’s house. He raises them firmly but kindly, nurturing their hunter abilities as well as encouraging them to do well in school and take part in social activities. Sam is impressed - and a little jealous - but something doesn’t sit right with Dean. When the Winchesters first found the kids, they were killing a vampire who begged for his life, and there was a creepy guy in a hoodie, driving a blue van. When Dean goes to talk to the vampire’s would-be victim, she mentions that she knew the guy - and he had only been home from Afghanistan for three weeks. Dean gets some intel from the hotel manager that the man who rented the hotel room was not this veteran, but the hoodie guy - and he was interested in a nearby lodge, currently closed for the season.

Victor has found the vampire who killed Chrissie’s dad, evidenced by a security photo of the vampire wearing her dad’s necklace. Dean finds this vampire first, up at the lodge. She is in devastating pain and hypersensitive to light. Dean realizes that she has only been a vampire for a day or two - no way she could have killed Chrissie’s dad. Chrissie and friends storm in to kill the vampire and Dean protects her. It takes some convincing, but Chrissie can see clearly that this woman was definitely too fresh to have killed her dad.

Meanwhile, Sam and Victor are hunting the hoodie vamp. They find him, but before Sam can get him, he is knocked out - by Victor. Sam wakes in Victor’s home, tied to a chair, with hoodie vamp standing over him. Victor and Hoodie are in cahoots, and Dean and the kids come home just in time to hear the tale: Victor hired Hoodie to kill the kids’ parents, figuring that anger and revenge will create better hunters. Chrissie shoots Hoodie, then turns her gun on Victor. Dean tells her that’s not who hunters are: they kill monsters, not humans. But to Chrissie, Victor is a monster. She pulls the trigger, three times. Nothing happens. She empty the gun, and drops the unused bullets on the floor beside Victor. Him having to live the rest of his life alone is punishment enough. Victor’s family was killed by wendigos, so these kids were his way of putting a family together. The thought of living alone is too much for him to bear, and he shoots himself dead.

The kids decide to continue living in Victor’s house, go to school, and only hunt monsters who come to them - not go out looking for them. Dean doesn’t try to talk them out of it. Instead, he promises Garth will come by once in a while to check on them.

Dig It or Bury It?

I felt bad for Sam in this episode. He clearly wished he had a home like the one the kids have (or at least the one they had before Victor revealed himself to be crazy). Hell, I think Sam would have moved in there if he could. It’s kind of sweet, too, to think that there is a new generation of hunters coming up. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a spin-off series. (Supernatural has a season nine on the way.)


It’s time for trial #2: Sam must save an innocent from the grips of hell. Also, Benny is back.