TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 902 - 'Devil May Care'



Supernatural Episode 902
“Devil May Care”
Written By: Andrew Dabb
Directed By: Guy Bee
Original Airdate: 15 October 2013

In This Episode...

A demon resurrects Abaddon, and brings a few other demons to serve her. She doesn’t like Crowley reigning as the king of hell. She sees him more of a salesman, dealing when he should be taking. Abaddon’s plan is to get her demons new meat suits, liberate hell, and install her as the queen. One of the demons dares talk back to Abaddon because she doesn’t believe that Crowley is really dead. She wnats proof, and suspects many other demons will want proof as well. Abaddon kills her and takes the three remaining demons to possess a trio of Navy sailors. They then kidnap a couple of hunters, Irv and Tracy (a newbie) and hold them hostage to lure the Winchesters out.

The boys take the bait and agree to meet Abaddon at provided coordinates, which turns out to be an abandoned waste dump that was once a tiny community. They find and free Tracy and Irv, and split up. Tracy goes with Dean because she blames Sam for the death of her family. (The demon killing her parents told her it was because Sam opened the gates to hell.) Irv wants to sacrifice himself to the three sailor-demons so that Sam can get away. Sam protests, naturally, but it is moot: Abaddon shoots him dead and heads for Dean while the sailors deal with Sam. Abaddon easily disarms Dean and offers him a deal: give her Crowley’s head. If he does, she will kill him quickly and painlessly. If he doesn’t, she will take over his body, torture him, and otherwise make him wish for death.

Inside the diner, Sam is facing off against three demons - and losing. He is knocked unconscious and Ezekiel takes over. He uses his angel light to explode the demons away. The burst of light is so damaging that it causes Abaddon to stop beating up on Dean, surprised that he brought an angel to a demon fight. She escapes. Dean heads inside to check on Sam, and finds Zeke now in charge. He says Sam was knocked out and this was the only way he could save him. He promises Sam will not remember any of this.

While the Winchesters are off playing with Abaddon, Kevin is at the bunker playing with Crowley. The Winchesters had tied up Crowley in the secret demon dungeon and left him there to stew in his own juices until he gave the guys what they wanted: a list of all the demons and the people they are possessing. But while Kevin was there alone, Crowley began to taunt him and Kevin couldn’t resist. He beats him up, and Crowley tries telling him that his mom is still alive - and if he lets Crowley go, he will give Kevin his mom back. Kevin is tempted, but when Sam and Dean return, Kevin did not give in. He is pretty upset and is determined to go find his mom. Dean reminds him that even if his mom wasn’t physically dead, she would be in “every way that matters.” Dean reminds Kevin that they are his family now, and this seems to placate him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I like where this season is going, but this episode was kind of dull. I like the idea of the fallen angels, and I am intrigued with the idea of hell being “liberated,” but we just aren’t there yet. Tonight was another “let’s battle demons” episode, and another “Crowley offers a deal” episode.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean blames himself for all the hell that is wrought upon him. AFter all, he chose Sam over the whole of the human race. Zeke assures him that he had noble intentions.


Castiel may be human, but he is heaven’s most wanted.