TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 905 - 'Dog Dean Afternoon'


supernaturalSupernatural Episode 905
“Dog Dean Afternoon”
Written By: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 5 November 2013

In This Episode...

Sam finds a case for them in nearby Enid, Oklahoma. A taxidermist appears to have been crushed to death. Every bone has been broken; every joint is dislocated. The show up to investigate and find “Die Scum” in red paint on the door. A strange symbol is etched into the paint, leading the Winchesters to suspect witchcraft. Sam can’t find a hex bag, so they return to the motel and Sam researches the symbol. It is not witchy - it is hippie. It is the symbol for a PETA-like group called SNART (Showing No Animals Rough Treatment). So in addition to being crazy hippies with stupid acronyms, they seem to walk their own grammar path. Anyway, Sam an Dean go visit Olivia and Dylan Camrose, founders of SNART, at the vegan bakery they own. They admit to painting the warning on the taxidermist’s shop, but SNART draws the line at violence, and they swear they did not kill him. In fact, while they were painting the wall, they heard a sharp hiss that scared them away.

A cowboy - the same one who killed the taxidermist, visits an animal shelter. He slips the kid at the front desk $100 to look the other way while he goes into the animal pens and fills up a sack with cats. The kid gets curious and goes to see what is going on. He finds the cowboy swallowing a cat whole. He tries to run, but the cowboy catches him and slashes him to ribbons with claws sprouted from his fingers.

Sam and Dean show up to investigate this second murder, and Dean recognizes a dog named Colonel. This was the taxidermist’s dog. He was at both crime scenes, and since this is Supernatural and not Law & Order, Colonel becomes the prime suspect. Dean pets the German shepherd with a silver coin and the dog has no reaction. He is just a dog; nothing supernatural going on there. But he does something weird. When the deputy approaches and puts on his cowboy hat, Colonel barks. Dan tests this a few times, and every time the hat goes on the head, Colonel barks. Dean suspects the dog is pulling a Lassie and trying to tell them something. So Colonel is demoted from suspect to witness, and the boys take him back to the motel with them.

Sam calls Kevin, who gives them an Inuit animal-human “mind meld” spell. Dean volunteers to drink the heinous elixir and after a few hours, he realizes it worked. He can hear Colonel’s thoughts. He has also picked up some of Colonel’s traits, like scratching behind his ear and barking at the postman through the window. Turns out Kevin forgot to mention that the spell can sometimes cause the human to take on the traits of the animal he is mind-melded to. 

Dean, Sam, and Colonel head to the shelter (Dean and Colonel hang their heads out the window, of course) to “interview” the other dogs. Most of them just have complaints (can you blame them?) but a little terrier claims he saw everything, but will only tell if he gets belly rubs. And only from Sam. The terrier describes what he saw, which was the writing on the cat sack: Avant Garde Cuisine, a cafe on Main Street. Before they head out, Dean takes pity on the dogs and lets them all out of their cages. (Of course, this is not the most humane thing to do. On the streets, they have to scavenge for food, pick up diseases, and run the risk of getting hit by a car.)

That night, the Winchesters leave Colonel at home while they break into the cafe. They see a picture of Chef Leo, wearing a cowboy hat and figure he is a likely suspect - then again, it is Oklahoma; everyone has a cowboy hat. The guys find a stash of heavy narcotics and a “recipe” book that contains instructions on preparing animal parts for different skills: owl brains for an increased IQ; cheetah liver for speed; a grizzly heart for strength. Dean also hears the pleas of a few caged mice, who direct him to a fridge that is stuffed full of the aforementioned animal organs.

Heading into the kitchen, the boys find a sous chef prepping for a private dinner that Chef Leo will be arriving for any minute. The boys play health inspectors and the sous chef flees. They split up to look out for Chef Leo, but he is already there. He has taken on the characteristics of a chameleon and blends in with the wallpaper. Leo surprises Sam in the hallway and slits his jugular. Sam struggles to hold the wound closed, doubled over in pain, when Zeke comes out. He heals Sam and recedes. When Sam comes back, he is shocked to discover that he is healed - and so is Leo, who decides that, whatever Sam is, he wants some of it. He knocks Sam out cold and drags him into the kitchen. Dean finds Leo sharpening his knife and the guys fight. Leo gets the upper hand and ties Dean up to a table Dean sniffs out cancer in Leo, and Leo admits that he has found a cure - at least a temporary one. He never meant to kill people - at first. They were just collateral damage. He figures that whatever Sam is, if he eats him, he will gain his healing powers and be able to cure himself. But first he has to kill Dean and he decides the most poetic way will be to take on the properties of a wolf: dog on dog. He eats a wolf heart while chanting, and is distracted enough not to notice when Dean breaks free of his binds. He chases Dean outside, promising it is not a fair fight. Dean whistles, and all the dogs he released from the shelter come running and attack Leo, tearing him to pieces. The boys head back home, with Sam (again) wondering about what Leo said of his healing abilities. Dean brushed it off as rantings of a lunatic. 

And whatever happened to Colonel, you ask? The hippies took him in. They may be crazy, and he may be facing a life of vegan doggie treats, but they will take care of him and “the road is not the life for a dog.”

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m biased. Dogs just melt my heart (or the black hole where my heart should be) so I loved this episode. I do wish the boys had kept Colonel. They need a mascot - or at least a furry companion. It would be perfect: Kevin can take care of Colonel while the Winchesters are on the road. He would be a soothing, calming companion for the cracked kid.

I love these “monster of the week” episodes, especially because the whole Sam/Zeke story is starting to wear on me. Every week, Sam questions how he healed so miraculously, and every week, Dean brushes him off. Just the few minutes here or there dealing with that is enough to annoy me - a whole episode may make me pull my fingernails out.

The Name Game

The boys are agents Michaels and DeVille, a reference to the band Poison: lead singer Brett Michaels and guitarist C.C. DeVille. Yes, I knew that off the top of my head; no, I am not ashamed.

Spooky Humor

There was a lot of fun in this one, but my favorite part had to be with Sam and Dean finishing up lunch while they wait for the mind-meld to work. Sam balls up his burrito wrapper and tosses it into the garbage as they talk. Dean, almost without thinking about it, grabs the refuse and puts it back on the table for his brother. Sam doesn’t get it and tries to throw it away again - with the same result. Dean, whether he knows it or not, is playing fetch with Sam.


Castiel is trying to fit into human life - as a clerk at a convenience store. Let the hilarity ensue!