TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 906 - 'Heaven Can't Wait'


Supernatural Episode 906
“Heaven Can’t Wait”
Written By: Robert Berens
Directed By: Rob Spera
Original Airdate: 12 November 2013

In This Episode...

Kevin has had a little bit of luck translating the angel tablet. He has managed to translate it into an obscure dead language but can’t find anyone to translate that language. This means study time, so when Castiel calls Dean with a potential case (four people disappear, presumed dead), he is only too eager to head out to Idaho and follow up.

Dean arrives at the crime scene and discovers pink. Everything is pink, like a bottle of Pepto exploded in this guy’s house. If this is anything like the first case, a couple in a lousy marriage, the pink is basically a human slurry: blood, bones, skin, hair, even clothing, all blended into an opaque soup and thrown over the walls. So yeah, it’s a case. Since Dean is going to be in town a few days, he looks up Castiel.

Cas is now working as a clerk at a convenience store. He goes by the name Steve, and has a date that night with his pretty manager, Nora. Dean feels bad and tells Cas that he is better than “this” (working as a clerk) but has no other words of wisdom to offer. The local cops call Dean with another case, and Castiel tags along to the crime scene.

The crime scene is at a high school, next to the school bus. A girl was venting on her phone about how her boyfriend broke up with her in front of the whole school and she was so humiliated she could, like, die. A guy with a cross earring showed up, touched her head, and exploded her into fine pink mist. Castiel recognizes what they are dealing with as soon as he sees the mess. It is the work of a retizian (?) angel, or a hands of mercy angel. Used largely in wars, he would heal those that could be healed, and put down those that couldn’t. His special method of vaporizing a victim ensured it would be virtually painless. The angel was continuing his work on Earth, but was having a hard time distinguishing between real pain (like the suicidal victim #3) and teenage angst.

Dean helps Cas prepare for his date before he goes back to work. Castiel arrives at Nora’s house and it quickly becomes evident that Cas is only there to babysit for Nora’s infant while she goes on a date with another man. Castiel is crushed and dutifully accepts his role for tonight. The baby is fussy, so Cas tries rocking her and singing to her. Nothing seems to help, and he realizes she is burning up. He leaves a panicked voice mail for Nora, then decides to just take the baby to the hospital. Upon opening the door, he finds the mercy angel on the porch. His name is Ephraim, and he is not there for the sick child; he is there to put Castiel out of his misery. He merely followed the sound of Castiel’s pain.

Meanwhile, Dean is at the sheriff’s station looking over the file of the first victims. The lab results came back and showed that the sludge was made up 100% out of the wife - which means her husband is still out there. The wife was an avowed atheist and her husband was a born-again who kept trying to get his wife to “open up to god.” Dean sees a picture of the couple, and recognize their truck as one that almost backed up into him when he dropped Cas off for his “date.” What’s more, the man in the picture is the same one who has Castiel. Dean bursts into the house and fights with Ephraim long enough to distract him so Castiel can sneak up and dagger him. 

Back at the bunker, Sam asks Crowley if he can translate whatever ancient text Kevin came up with. He can, of course, but he must be allowed one phone call. He calls Hell on the blood phone, and finds that his name doesn’t carry the cache it used to. He is put on hold. When they finally connect him to Abaddon, she takes great pride in pointing out her success in the soul-harvesting business. Of course, she does so well because she collects them before their contract is up, which offends Crowley deeply. He may be a slimy king of hell, but he always honors a deal. He translates the tablet for the boys - and discovers that there is absolutely no way to reverse Metatron’s spell and send the angels back to heaven. In other words, the rest of the season will be the Winchester’s ignoring this proclamation and trying to find their own way to get rid of him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am sad for Castiel. He really has fallen (literally and figuratively) from lofty heights. Dean, though he may think he is being encouraging by telling Cas he is “too good” to be a clerk, is really just being a dick, reminding Castiel that he doesn’t belong here. Quite frankly, I give Cas credit for trying to start a new life. Or a life. Then Nora has to be all dumb and oblivious and hurt Castiel’s feelings. I just want to give the guy a hug.

Spooky Humor

Dean on dating: “My dates usually end when I run out of singles.”


Looks like a straight-up haunted house episode.