TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 907 - 'Bad Boys'


Supernatural Episode 907
“Bad Boys”
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: Kevin Parks
Original Airdate: 19 November 2013

In This Episode...

A call from an old friend of Dean’s takes the Winchesters to upstate New York for a possible haunted house. The friend is Sonny, an ex-con who runs a farm for troubled boys. Unbeknownst to Sam, Dean spent two months here when he was 16.

As the story goes, Sam was left with Bobby for those two months while Dean and their dad were on a “job.” In reality, Dean lost the food money in a card game and was caught trying to steal peanut butter and bread. Dad was happy to teach Dean a lesson by leaving him in jail, but the local police didn’t want a young boy to sit in lockup over the weekend while waiting for arraignment, so he takes him to Sonny. After 15 years in jail, Sonny bought this farm and takes in “troubled boys” who do chores and learn responsibility rather than just going to jail.

Sam is haunted by the idea of Dean being “locked away” for a couple months, though Dean blows it off as no big deal. Sonny called because one of his employees, Jack, was gored on a tractor that roared to life on its own. Sonny’s wife (?) Ruth, a devout woman whom the boys at the far describe as a hard-ass, tells Sam that the farm is haunted. Before Sonny bought the place, it was owned by a man named Howard and his wife Doreen. Jack was working for them at the time, and Howard was sure he and Doreen were having an affair. Howard got drunk and tried to kill them. He killed Doreen, but Jack got away, and Howard always swore revenge on Jack. He died in prison last year, and it seems to be around the time that the strange noises, flickering lights, and sudden chills began.

Dean and Sam go to the graveyard and burn up Howard’s corpses. Thinking that is the end of it, they head out of town, stopping first by a local diner. Dean remembers the waitress, Robin; she does not remember him, which hurts him. He drags Sam out of there but before they can hit the road, Sonny calls back. This time, Ruth is dead, smothered by the shower curtain while taking a bath. Sonny tried to get in to save her when he heard her screams, but the door was locked. There are no locks on the farm. 

The Winchesters return to the farm. Sam goes through some of the home’s paperwork while Dean interrogates the three boys currently living there. The two older boys are constantly picking on Timmy, the young, meek boy who appeared as if out of nowhere. He was found in an abandoned building, and all attempts to locate his parents or other family yielded nothing. He was sent to Sonny’s because he kept running away from the orphanage. Dean scares the older boys away from Timmy and rescues his action hero from their clutches. The boys go on with their chores while Timmy watches from inside. The lawnmower jams and one of the boys reaches in to fix it when the switch flips on and the blades rip to life. 

So clearly, Timmy is the problem. But this isn’t the “think happy thoughts” kid from The Twilight Zone. Sam finds childish scrawling on a wall that leads to the answers. He knows that the ghost is Timmy’s mom. The two were in a car accident in the woods. Everything was on fire, and Tommy’s mom saved him by pushing him out of the car. Mom didn’t make it out and the car blew up with her inside it. Timmy ran to a building to hide, and he cried for his mother there, begging for her to return. So she did, but she is different (clearly) she is a hideous, ghoulish undead creature. Dean grabs Timmy’s action figure and melts it into a puddle on the stove, but that does nothing. Then Sam figures it out: Mom is anchored to Timmy.

Since they can’t burn Timmy, they have to make him send his mommy away. “You have to let her go so she can find peace,” insists Dean. So Timmy does. It takes a couple tries, but he breaks through. Mom’s zombie-decayed face crumbles off, leaving a pretty and vivacious young woman. She smiles a warm thank you, and disappears.

Other fun facts we learned about Dean’s past: Robin was Dean’s first kiss, and she does remember him - she was just hurt that he left suddenly. Dean excelled at Sonny’s home: good grades, responsible, and a champion wrestler. When his dad showed up to take him home, he contemplated staying - but saw Sammy in the front seat, playing with a toy, and knew he had to go for his little brother.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a sad-sweet episode. Just another tortured chapter in the story of the Winchester boys. It was a really good episode - I am a sucker for “backstory” episodes.


Someone is killing virgins, so Sam and Dean sign up to be born-again virgins.