TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 909 - 'Holy Terror'


supernaturalSupernatural Episode 909
“Holy Terror”
Written By: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner
Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Original Airdate: 3 December 2013

In This Episode...

Sam and Dean show up to a massacre at a biker bar and discover Castiel there, posing as an FBI agent like the boys taught him. Despite the fact that he is wanted by every angel in existence, Cas still feels like it is his duty to help with this whole angel war. There are essentially two sides to the angel war. Those who side with Bartholomew, and a new faction that follows an angel named Malachi. It is a highly contentious rivalry, with all angels being forced to pick a side. Those who don’t are tortured until they declare their allegiance. 

Dean is having a harder and harder time keeping the truth from Sam. He spills on Ezekiel to Castiel as explanation for why Cas has to stay away. He accepts this unconditionally. While he tells Castiel, Zeke has left the bar to “get something from the car.” Metatron is waiting for him, and he knows he isn’t really Ezekiel. He is Gadreel , God’s favorite, who was tasked with guarding the Garden of Eden. Even though he claims it wasn’t his fault, the serpent got in, the earth was cursed with evil, Gadreel was the fall guy, and was locked in a dungeon. Metatron’s spell caused all angels to fall - even the imprisoned ones. Gadreel took the name Ezekiel because he heard he was good and wants to reform. But Metatron has a proposal for him. He wants to rebuild heaven as God intended, but with a hand-picked few - and he wants Gadreel to rule as his number two. Gadreel needs to think about it.

Meanwhile, Castiel is giving prayer a shot. His prayer is answered by an angel named Muriel. She is unaligned and didn’t realize until she got there that she was answering Castiel’s prayers. He is desperate for answers and convinces her to stay for a few minutes. She tells him how Malachi has become as powerful as Bartholomew - just as Malachi’s men burst in and abduct them. Battered and broken, Castiel and Muriel are kept in a warehouse. They were after Muriel to force her into picking a side; Castiel was just a bonus. But the goons kill Muriel and now want to know how to reverse Metatron’s heaven-cleansing spell. “Is this what we have become? Killing angels?” Cas implores. Malachi says a ton of angels died on the descent... including one named Ezekiel. The name hits Castiel. Malachi leaves Cas in the hands of Theo, who is meant to torture some info on Metatron’s spell. As soon as they are alone, Theo turns friendly. He wants Castiel to put in a good word for him with Metatron. He has heard the rumors about Metatron’s new heaven and he wants in. Malachi is crazy, he admits, and he only joined with him out of survival. In return, he will ask Metatron to restore Castiel’s grace. Cas agrees to do what he can and Theo removes Cas’s shackles. Cas claims to need a moment to make contact, but in that moment of quiet, he slits Theo’s throat and takes his blue grace/essence/whatever. He then kills Theo’s meat suit and goes directly for a phone. He calls Dean to tell him what he learned, but most importantly, that that is not Ezekiel hiding out in Sam.

This news sends Dean into a near-panic. He asks Kevin to find a spell that will essentially make Ezekiel/Gadreel “hibernate” so he can talk to Sam without fear of being overheard. Gadreel has been meeting with Metatron, where he has decided to join him in his new heaven. Metatron is pleased, but there are a few people he needs to take out to prove himself loyal. When Gadreel gets his Sam meat suit home, Dean immediately pulls him into a storage locker, which has already been drawn with sigils as per Kevin’s instructions. All Dean has to do is slit his hand and drop some blood onto the sigil and the spell will be active for a short time. He does, and tells Sammy that he has to tell him something - and it’s going to make him mad. He tells him about tricking Sam into letting Ezekiel in, and Sam is super-pissed. Things don’t get better when Dean tells him Ezekiel is not Ezekiel and he has to dump the angel - now. Sam can’t handle this. He knocks Dean out and leaves.

Upstairs, Kevin is totally chill - he still has no idea that Sam isn’t Sam. But it’s not Sam who greets him; it is Gadreel. With no hesitation, he kills Kevin. Bam. Dead. Dean tries to run in and save him, but Gadreel force-holds him against the wall. “There is no more Sam.” Gadreel overheard Dean and Kevin’s plan, so when he went into the storage room, he smudged the sigil. That changed the meaning and the spell didn’t work. Now Gadreel is pissed. “I did what I had to do,” he says, then puts the card that Metatron gave him on Kevin’s chest. Kevin was the first person Metatron wanted killed.


Wouldn’t you know it... Dean’s only hope now is to turn to Crowley for help.