TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 910 - 'Road Trip'


supernaturalSupernatural Episode 910
“Road Trip”
Written By: Andrew Dabb
Directed By: Robert Singer
Original Airdate: 14 January 2013

In This Episode…

Dean’s world is in shambles. He takes Kevin’s death hard, and Sam has left - with his beloved car. Castiel suggests that a demon may be able to dig into Sam’s brain and talk to him directly, bypassing the angel. And guess who happens to have a demon in cold storage?

Crowley agrees to help, but in return he wants a “field trip” - cuffs on, of course. Dan and Castiel capitulate. Crowley wants to go to a place called Waldroff Financial, which is really a front for a government NSA operation. Crowley had embedded one of his demons there to keep an eye out for marks. He meets with Cecily, who fills him in on what has been going on in his absence (basically, Abaddon is not in charge; the demons are waiting to see who wins). She tracks down the Impala to Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Sam/Gadreel is in Somerset to kill another on the list from Metatron. First it was Kevin. At the beginning of tonight’s episode he killed an angel named Thaddeus - the one who tortured him -   who was living in a rock star’s body. In Pennsylvania, Gadreel is looking for a man named Alexander who turns out to be an angel named Abner, Gadreel’s best friend who was tortured along side of him. The meat suit he occupies belonged to an abusive man, so Abner feels no guilt in stepping in and becoming a family man. He tries to convince Gadreel that since the fall, it is their chance to start anew. Gadreel doesn’t buy this, and he kills Abner/Alexander.

Dean and Castiel enter and, after a brief battle, knock Gadreel out and take him to some warehouse where he is strapped down in a warded chair. Crowley sets about sticking enormous needles into Sam’s head and wiggling them about, trying to access the Sam part of the brain. The best he can do is get some identification thing going, where Sam/Gadreel repeats his name. Dean is alarmed when he discovers who he is dealing with, then Gadreel speaks directly to them, promising that he has Sam tucked away in a happy little dream, filled with ghouls and cheerleaders - but they will not be able to get to him like this. The only way to get Gadreel out is for Sam to expel him, but they can’t reach him. Dean wants Castiel to go in, find Sam, and tell him what is going on, but Castiel can’t do that without an invite. The only one who can do that is a demon. Crowley will do it but that means taking his leash off - and he wants to remain free even after. Against Castiel’s advice, he burns Sam’s tattoo off and Crowley enters Sam.

In Sam’s dream world, he is in the bunker working on a case. He freaks when Crowley appears, but becomes intrigued when Crowley says the Winchesters’ safe word: Poughkeepsie. Sam is confused, but Crowley proves they are in a dream world by shooting him in the chest. Nothing happens. He explains what is going on, and Gadreel shows up. Fighting ensues, but Sam is strong and expels Gadreel. Crowley leaves on his own - he doesn’t want to be there longer than he has to be.

Back in the real world, a blinding white light floods from Sam - that is Gadreel. Then plumes of red smoke - Crowley - leave him before Sam wakes up. Castiel heals him up some for now, but they have another issue to deal with: Abaddon has found them. Crowley tells the guys to leave out the back; he will deal with Abaddon. Dean is suspicious and warns Crowley that if he sees him again, he will still try to kill him. Abaddon and a couple goons come in, but the goons don’t attack when Abaddon instructs them to. Crowley knows that the demons are kind of waiting to throw their support behind whoever wins the hell crown. Abaddon suggests they throw down right there, but Crowley corrects her. It’s not a brawl; it’s a campaign. He promises that, under his rule, every demon will get a virgin and all the entrails they can eat. “So tell your friends: vote Crowley.” Then he blinks away.

Outside, a safe distance away, Castiel checks over Sam and heals him as much as he can for now. Then the brothers talk / argue. Sam is mad that Dean didn’t let him die - he was ready to die - and Dean admits he wasn’t ready to let Sammy die. Dean takes responsibility for Kevin’s murder and will carry that around with him always. Dean is determined to find and kill Gadreel - on his own. And he takes off.

Dig It or Bury It?

I don’t know why, but this episode got me thinking about how they would end the series. Maybe because I feel like the Winchesters are having the same fights, dealing with the same issues… as much as I like this show (and tonight was a really good episode) it kind of feels like it has run its course.

I love Crowley. I don’t know what Dean’s problem is with him. So he has condemned a few zillion souls to hell… they asked for it. But look, he helps out “Moose” for no reason other than to regain his freedom. Crowley is a business man; he can always be bargained with. Clearly there are far worse people/demons/ghoulies that the Winchesters have gone up against. Cut him some slack. 

Sibling Rivalry

I feel like Sam and Dean are having the same fight, over and over and over. Something bad happens, one of the boys chooses his brother’s life over something that could save humanity, and the ensuing guilt trip tears them apart. In this case, Dean thinks he is poison to everyone around him, and he doens’t want to drag anyone through the muck with him. Sam doesn’t try to stop him this time.

Spooky Humor

With Abaddon approaching, Crowley tells the Winchesters to escape out the back door. Dean doesn’t trust him. “All of a sudden you are a good guy?” “Right now, I’m the goodest guy you’ve got.”


Once again, Dean goes against his better judgement to team up with Crowley to kill Abaddon. But they still aren’t friends, and Dean will kill him after this mission is over.