TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 911 - 'First Born'


Supernatural Episode 911
“First Born”
Written By: Robbie Thompson
Directed By: John Badham
Original Airdate: 21 January 2014

In This Episode…

Dean is drinking alone at a bar when Crowley shows up with a proposition. He wants to team up with Dean to kill Abaddon. Crowley claims there is something called the First Blade that can kill her, which he has been hunting for decades with no luck. Rumors persist that John Winchester had some info about it, so Dean, reluctantly, checks his dad’s journal and sure enough, there is an entry. This entry leads them to John’s storage locker, where Dean finds a file that refers to the First Blade when John and another hunter named Tara were interrogating a demon. They track down Tara, who is understandably suspicious that a Winchester is working with Crowley. John thought the First Blade was just a legend, but Tara believed it to be real. She searched the planet, looking for it, but the best she could do is find a locator spell that could track down the blade. Even then, she couldn’t track down one ingredient for the spell: kraken essence. Crowley, of course, has loads of the stuff, and earns a teensy bit of credit by blipping away and bringing some back. The location spell works, and sends Dean and Crowley to Mississippi.

As they approach a small house in the middle of nowhere, Crowley gets scared and wants to turn back. Naturally, Dean is curious about what could scare the king of hell. The owner of the home reveals himself, and Crowley tells us who it is: Kane, the father of murder. Kane, of Kane & Abel fame. For the father of murder, Kane is quite calm, peaceful almost, but stern and certainly not welcoming. He tries to tell them he is retired. He is not helpful and makes Crowley and Dean leave. While he heads out to town to run some errands, Dean and Crowley sneak back into the house and ransack the place. They can’t find the First Blade, but Dean figures out that Kane probably retired when he got married, judging by a photo from the 1800s of a woman named Colette. Kane comes home and isn’t pleased to see the guys. He has brought with him a truckload of hillbilly demons. Well, actually, one of them followed Dean and Crowley there, then called for backup. They just happened to arrive at the same time. Dean starts barricading the house, but Kane won’t help: “I’m retired. If you survive, you can join me for my last meal in this house.”

This annoys Dean, and he questions Kane’s manliness (demonliness?) so Kane snaps his fingers and lets half a dozen demons into his home. He sits at the kitchen table, watching as Dean does battle. Crowley, meanwhile, has one demon in the living room to contend with. Dean kills all his demons, then asks Kane if this was a test. “We are very much alike,” Kane muses. “Kindred spirits.” But Kane finally admits he no longer has the blade. Crowley is pissed - the locator spell was supposed to lead them to the blade. But Kane corrects them - it led to the source of the blade’s power, which comes from the Mark of Kane, a big birthmark on his arm. The blade (which is actually a gnarly machete-sized tool made of an animal jaw) can only be used in conjunction with that mark. Kane used that blade to kill his brother Abel, but it’s not what everyone thinks. Abel wasn’t talking to God; he was talking to Lucifer. Kane made a deal that Lucifer would take his soul to hell and let Abel’s soul go to heaven. It was Kane who created and trained the Knights of Hell, and he traveled with them for centuries, doing horrible things (aka killing thousands of people). Until he met Colette. Colette knew who he was and loved him unconditionally. She only asked one thing of him: to stop killing. So he did, until the Knights of Hell grew angry and took Colette from him. Then he went on a rampage, killing all of them. Except one: Abaddon. Abaddon possessed Colette, torturing her before Kane’s eyes. When he finally gathers the courage to kill her, Abaddon jumps from Colette’s body, leaving his dying wife in his arms. He buried her and walked away from the killing life. Dean is not moved by his story and holds a dagger to Kane’s chest. Kane forces it into his own chest and disappears. He has just gone to say his final goodbyes to Colette at her grave. When he returns to the house, he offers to transfer the mark to Dean - but the mark comes with a great burden. (What else is new?) Dean doesn’t care as long as it kills Abaddon. So he transfers his mark onto Dean’s forearm - then reveals he threw the First Blade to the bottom of the deepest ocean. “When I call for you - and I will - you find me and use that blade on me for what I am about to do.” With a snap of his fingers, Dean and Crowley are outside, the demons are inside, and red light floods from the windows as Kane massacres the demons.

Crowley and Dean go straight to the beach, where Crowley agrees with Kane - Dean is worthy, and no one hates Dean as much as he hates himself. Dean can’t search the ocean, but Crowley can, so that is what he is bringing to the table. Dean accuses Crowley of playing him the entire time, which Crowley confirms: “I needed you to play along.” Dean punches Crowley in his face.

Back at the bunker, it is time for Castiel to give Sam another healing session. But this time it is different - something feels different in Sam. Cas discovers a little bit of Gadreel’s grace still inside Sam, like a residue. Every time Castiel heals Sam, a little bit is removed. It’s not bad necessarily, but Castiel tells him that if they can extract the grace, they may be able to create a locator spell and track down Gadreel. Sam wants nothing more, so he insists that Cas use a massive syringe on him and suck out the grace. This is a lengthy process, and extremely painful, so the boys use this time to discuss humanity and what it means to be alive and yadda yadda yadda. Castiel finally stops, afraid he will kill Sam if he is in there too long. Cas then adds this glowing blue “liquid” to a pot of various other herbs and extracts, and they wait. There is a plume of blue smoke that dissipates quickly. Castiel realizes there is not enough grace for the spell to work. They will have to locate Gadreel another way.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really like this newfound partnership between Dean and Crowley. Sam and Dean together just got way too emotional. Contempt breeds more interesting television. Of course, stuff between Sam and Castiel got a little mushy too, but their story was not the focus tonight. It was boring comparatively. So who is excited to find out what consequences come with the mark of Kane?

How do the Winchesters earn money? Hunting doesn’t exactly come with a paycheck; they don’t work “day jobs;” and that Impala must guzzle gas like a glutton. I’m choosing to believe that the Men of Letters had a Scrooge McDuck-sized vault of gold that has them set for life.

Spooky Humor

After the locator spell doesn’t work, Sam gives Castiel a hug, a thank you for his help and his kind words. Castiel stands there, unmoving. “This is the part where you hug back,” Sam informs him. “Oh, sorry,” he says and wraps his arms around his buddy.


Garth is back, and he is shacking up with a werewolf family.