TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 912 - 'Sharp Teeth'


Supernatural Episode 912
“Sharp Teeth”
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 28 January 2014

In This Episode…

Sam and Dean unwittingly cross paths in Garth’s hospital room. He was caught trying to steal a cow and as he ran from the farmer, he was hit by a car. Garth sneaks out the bathroom window and escapes. Sam goes to talk to the farmer while Dean checks out the surveillance cameras. He lies and tells Sam that the cameras didn’t catch anything, but Sam catches him in the lie. The cameras show Garth getting into a car. It doesn’t take any effort for the boys to track him down.

They enter Garth’s apartment, guns at the ready. Garth begs them to leave, but they refuse - he has been MIA for too long and they want answers. A female werewolf jumps out from the closet, and Garth jumps between the werewolf and the hunters. It is time for him to come clean.

Garth was hunting a werewolf a few months back and he was bitten. He accepted his fate and was ready to put a bullet in his brain when Bess found him and gave him a reason to live. She is a second generation werewolf, and they have been married for four months. Her family has accepted Garth into their pack and they live a quiet, church-going life with her family, only eating livestock. Dean doesn’t believe them, so Garth and Bess invite Dean to come spend the day with her family. Sam goes to the police station to chat with the sheriff. 

At Bess’ parents house, we meet sweet-as-sugar Joy, Bess’ stepmom, and Reverent Jim, Bess’ father. They are so kind, so stereotypically midwest, so direct-from-a-1950s-sitcom that there has to be something wrong. But they say and do all the right things. Dean stays for lunch and they cook his steak (the rest of the family eats their meat raw); they explain that the reason they wear silver bullets around their necks is as a reminder that they are not invulnerable. The only weirdness is Russ and Josiah. I’m not sure if they are Bess’ brothers or cousins or what, but they are intense and creepy. By the end of the afternoon, Dean almost believes that they are on the up-and-up. Almost.

That night, the sheriff calls Sam to report something “weird,” and “right up his alley.” The Winchesters meet the sheriff in the woods, where they find a mauled deer. Doesn’t seem so weird to me, but the sheriff just did it to lure the boys to the woods. He is a werewolf, and he doesn’t like a pair of hunters sniffing around his town. Dean kills him easily, but is startled when he sees a silver bullet around the sheriff’s neck. Engraved on the bullet is the word “ragnarok.” The boys split up again: Sam to restrain Garth until they can figure out what is going on, and Dean to the church to do some snooping.

At the church, Dean discovers an ancient, alarming werewolf book. “ragnarok” appears on the pages. Dean does a quick search and discovers that ragnarok refers to the Norse end of days. There is a cult of werewolves that worships a god named Pheneras and believes that werewolves should rise up and overthrow humans. It is basically the equivalent of Charlie Manson’s “helter skelter.” Dean relays this to Sam over the phone, but no sooner does he hang up than Sam is knocked out by the two creepy brothers. Jim comes to the church to work on his sermon, but sniffs out Dean. Rather than attack, he calmly explains that hate and anger were part of the beliefs generations ago, but not anymore. He has eradicated it.

Sam wakes to find himself tied up in a barn with Garth and Bess, being held at the mercy of Joy, who suddenly doesn’t seem so Donna Reed. Her father was the reverend before Jim, and he believed in ragnarok. Jim was bitten, so he held onto his humanity, and Joy tried living like him. But her younger brother was killed by a hunter, making her the last of the bloodline, and turned back to her father’s ways. Dean fights his way into barn, easily killing the two brothers. In a shoot-out between Joy and Dean, Dean wins.

So the Winchesters leave Bess, Jim, and Garth to return to their quiet werewolf lives. Garth makes a feeble plea to return to hunting to avenge Kevin’s death, but Dean convinces him to stay put. He has a good thing going there.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was nice having Garth back, and I like seeing the “human” side of monsters, but I want the boys to either mend things or go their separate ways. I don’t need all this teen angst.

Plus, I miss Crowley.

Sibling Rivalry

Things seem to be getting even frostier and more awkward between Sam and Dean. “Something is broken here,” says Sam. “We don’t see things the same way anymore. Back in that church, you talked me out of boarding up hell. You tricked me into letting Gadreel possess me. I can’t trust you, not the way I should.” Sam lays out terms: “You wanna work? Let’s work. You wanna be brothers… well, those are my terms.” Dean nods, and Sam gets back in the car.


We have a fun one next week: the boys go undercover at a weight loss spa to figure out how clients are losing obscene amounts of weight overnight.