TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 914 - 'Captives'


Supernatural Episode 914
Written By: Robert Barens
Directed By: Jerry Wanek
Original Airdate: 25 February 2014

In This Episode…

Flickering lights and shadowy apparitions mean only one thing in Sam and Dean’s line of work: the bunker is haunted. The place is warded like crazy, so it would have to be haunted by someone who died inside the bunker. Since Dean and Sam have been there, that has only been one person: Kevin. They pretty much just have to wait until Kevin figures out how to break through the veil and speak to them.

When he finally figures it out, it is like he is answering Dean’s heartfelt apologies and professions of guilt for his death. He appears, flickering, still getting the hang of this “being dead” stuff. Dean is surprised that he isn’t in heaven, but Kevin reminds them: “Heaven is closed for business.” He and a zillion other ghosts are stuck in the veil, waiting. But he wants a favor from the Winchesters: multiple sources have told him that his mom is alive. He wants the boys to go to Wichita, summon a ghost named Candy (who swears she was locked up with Ms. Tran a week ago, when she was murdered) and find out the truth.

So the boys head to Kansas and set up in the forest. Sam can’t believe he is waiting for a ghost named “Candy.” But sure enough, she “appears” in the form of a voice over a radio. There are three of them - Jerome and Linda (Ms. Tran) - all in “boxes” that sound like storage units. She describes two men keeping them chained up, one of which is definitely Crowley, who insisted that she was worth more alive than dead. (A subsequent internet query revealed that Candy was the trophy wife of a rich and influential politician.) Crowley stopped coming around, and she tried to escape. She was caught in the woods by Crowley’s lackey and killed.

Ms. Tran seems to have been alive a week ago, so the Winchesters pursue the lead and check out local storage facilities. They come to one, which Sam realizes has three units separate from the others. Dean finds a rental listing under the name Daniel Webster (as in, “The Devil and Daniel Webster”) which has to be Crowley’s pseudonym. He has another unit on the other side of the complex, which the clerk, Del, takes Dean to while Sam breaks into the other units. He finds Ms. Tran in the first one. She is relieved to see him, and hopes that Kevin isn’t with him. Sam sets about monkeying with the electrical panel to get the door to open. Ms. Tran is annoyed and pushes him out of the way. She learned a little something from all of Kevin’s engineering clubs. Sam can’t hold back any more. When he takes Ms. Tran’s hand, she knows what is happening - she doesn’t need to hear the words. Her anger fuels her and they get the door to roll open. Just as quickly as it opens, it stops….

…because Del is actually Crowley’s minion, and he is controlling the units from his phone. Dean realizes this unit doesn't belong to Crowley, and Del knocks him out before Dean can do the same. Del is a disgruntled minion, so when Dean comes-to, he is tied up and forced to listen to Del rant and grouse about how he isn’t “learning” anything from his “internship,” and that Crowley hasn’t let him kill anyone, which makes him whiney. Del hopes that catching the Winchesters will make Crowley proud, so Dean drops a truth bomb: “Me and Crowley are tight now.” This coincides with the time that Crowley disappeared, so he decides it is time to kill Dean. Sam has managed to break out of his unit (Del was too busy complaining to notice his captives escaped) and gets Del in demon handcuffs. He saves the honor of killing Del for Ms. Tran - who does so with bleak relish. They all go back to the bunker and Ms. Tran goes through Kevin’s belongings until she finds her late husband’s ring. Kevin took it as a reminder of the father he lost when he was a baby, and Ms. Tran knows that if his spirit is stuck to something, this is it. She and Kevin go home.

Also: Castiel visits the funeral of a girl who had been possessed by an angel named Rebecca when she died. Rebecca was leading a penitent group who wanted to restore heaven peacefully. Bartholomew and his men killed her. It is no surprise that a couple lackeys abduct Cas and take him back to Bartholomew.  Good ol’ Bart promises he is not looking to kill Castiel; he wants them to join forces to find Metatron and fix heaven. He has the infrastructure and tech to prove he is serious. Rebecca’s faction had to be nullified to prevent them from becoming a threat in the future. Castiel is cautious about this sudden chumminess, and with good reason: Bartholomew has one of Rebecca’s lackeys, whom Castiel saw at the funeral, and he tortures information out of him. He swears he is the last of her followers, and Bartholomew turns the dagger over to Castiel. Castiel won’t kill the poor man, and he and Bartholomew fight. Bart instructs his men to stand down - this is between him and Cas - but Cas gets the upper hand. Rather than slitting Bartholomew’s throat, Cas chooses to walk away. “There can be no peace without bloodshed,” Bartholomew tells him. Castiel takes that as his cue - and kills Bartholomew. The lackeys let him by. Later, when he is at the girl’s/Rebecca’s grave, one of the lackeys approaches. He wants to join with Castiel, fight Castiel’s way. And he brought a couple friends.

Dig It or Bury It?

Okay, I’m confused. All the promos for tonight’s episode advertised Snooki from Jersey Shore, but I didn’t see her in the episode. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t like Snooki; I have never even watched an episode of Jersey Shore. But I don’t like being lied to.

Other than that, this was just another middle episode. It was nice to see Kevin again, and nice to know Ms. Tran is alive, but other than that it was just “meh.”

Sibling Rivalry

Kevin says his goodbyes to the boys, and he wants them to “get over it.” He has seen all the drama between the Winchesters and tells them it is not worth it. They promise, and Kevin and his mom leave. Dean turns to Sam, pondering and clearly ready to make amends - but Sam, without a word, is already headed back to his room. Dean sighs and does the same. They aren’t over it (or at least Sam isn’t).


Ghostfacers are back!!