TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 917 - 'Mother's Little Helper'


Supernatural Episode 917
“Mother’s Little Helper”
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: Misha Collins
Original Airdate: 25 March 2014 

In This Episode…

Sam found a case, and is a little bit hurt that Dean shows no interest in going with him. In Milton, Illinois, a guy is watching TV when his wife comes home from the grocery store. He hassles her distractedly about the fact that she is making meatloaf for dinner, and she responds by bludgeoning him to death with a candlestick. Frankly, it seems like a reasonable response to me. If he doesn’t want meatloaf, he can make his own damn meal.

When Sam rolls into town, he heads straight to the jail and finds the woman has covered the walls of her cell with insane ramblings, scrawled in her own blood - then hanged herself. Sam grabs dinner at a diner, when a local teen, Billy, comes in, and starts causing a commotion. Billy goes for the waitress with a knife, and Sam regulates. Billy goes to jail, where Sam sprinkles him with some holy water. No effect. There are several otherwise straight-laced locals in jail, with the same M.O.

At the police station, Sam overhears local loon, Julia Watkinson, trying to file another police report about the demons in town. The deputy brushes her off, but Sam takes interest. Julia recognizes him almost immediately as a Men of Letters, if only because he wasn’t surprised when she started talking about demons. And then she tells the story of how she learned of the Men of Letters.

It was 1958, and Julia was a nun at a local convent. A priest and a nun came to visit one night, with a letter from the office of inquisition. They were there to investigate Sister Mary Katherine who, two nights earlier, had killed two people before killing herself. Her room had been covered with bloody scrawling, too. The nun and the priest were neither; they were Henry and Josie, there to do some field work, the last step before they become full members of the Men of Letters. Mother superior approves their request for access.

Julia could not be certain what was going on or why they were there. But one night, she heard someone in the hallway and crept out to investigate. She was knocked out by one of the senior nuns and when she woke, she was in the basement, tied to a chair. There were other people there with her, but one by one, the nuns took these other victims into a little room, and all Julia saw was a faint blue glow. Before the nuns could get to Julia, Henry and Josie come in and start with their chanting. Julia hid while black demon smoke was banished from the nuns. Except one, the mother superior. The chants have no effect on her, and she decides to possess Henry so she can get an inside look at how the Men of Letters operate. Josie begs the nun to possess her instead. Henry has a family, and no one ever suspects a woman. The nun agrees and possesses Josie. This is how she became Abaddon. After Abaddon settles in, she returns to the role of Josie and rushes to aid an unconscious Henry. Julia left the convent shortly after. She never said anything because she was terrified and she was shamed. The church never taught them what to do in the face of real demons.

The convent, St. Bonaventure, has long since closed, but someone is still operating there - the van that picked up Billy was from St. Bonaventure. Sam heads out to investigate. Inside the crumbling old building, down int he basement, he finds the source of that blue light: souls, kept in jars on a shelf. He is attacked by the old man who was driving the van, and Sister Agnes. Sam kills the old man easily, but gets caught in a battle with the nun. He starts saying an incantation, but she chokes him while outlining their evil plot: Abaddon is having her followers steal souls to create an army of the damned. Sam has a backup plan: the same chant, recorded on his phone.  He presses play and tosses the phone across the room. The nun goes after it, in haunted J-horror fashion, and smashes the phone. This leaves Sam just enough time to grab his dagger and kill her.

Dean sticks with his story, that he is desperately trying to find Abaddon, which is why he didn’t go with Sam. But when he polishes off an entire bottle of whiskey, he heads to the bar. Crowley shows up - he basically butt-dialed him. Crowley thinks that Dean is stalling because he is scared. In actuality, it seems he is addicted to the feeling of killing with the First Blade. Crowley goes to the bathroom, and Dean sees a young man head in after him, nervously. He stops the kid, Jake, and immediately identifies him as a hunter. Dean talks him out of going in there, bringing a “knife to a demon battle.” The kid relents and leaves. But later, after Dean leaves the bar, the kid goes up to Crowley. The two were in cahoots with one another from the start, with Crowley using it as a test. Dean “passed” - he saved Crowley.

Dig It or Bury It?

A good episode, but nothing special. I wonder how much of Dean’s distance is due to his preoccupation with the mark of Cain, and how much of it has to do with the ever growing rift between the brothers. I can’t wait to see what Crowley’s end game is. I think he is simply trying to solidify Dean being on “his side.”


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