TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 201 - 'Omega'

Teen Wolf Episode 201


Written By: Jeff Davis

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 3 June 2012

In This Episode...

Picking up where we left off last season, Jackson has a severe werewolf wound - and is splashing around in a lake, which can't be good for an open wound. After Alison promises her dad never to see Scott again, well, she continues dating him (they're teenagers; it's not like they are going to do what their parents tell them). Lydia is still in the hospital with her werewolf wounds, but she seems to be healing well - until she takes a shower. The bathtub backs up with black goo and when she tries to clear the drain, she just pulls out an enormous amount of hair. She screams and escapes - naked - out the window.

When they hear Lydia is missing, Alison and Scott meet up with Stiles, who brings along Lydia's hospital gown. Scott follows the scent into the woods. They don't find Lydia, but they do find Argent - after Scott gets strung up in one of his tripwires. Lydia is not found that night.

The next day, Alison attends Aunt Kate's funeral. Alison doesn't want to go, so Scott promises to be there for her, observing from afar (Stiles joins him, naturally). There is a media feeding frenzy and the kids at school are gossiping about Alison's "psycho serial killer aunt." An unfamiliar face shows up at the funeral: Alison's grandfather, Gerald. She only ever met him once, when she was three years old. Gerald is kind and gentle to Alison, but he travels with two bodyguards. Before the service gets under way, Stiles's dad finds the boys hiding behind a giant stone angel and drags them into the police car. The sheriff is called away from crowd-control duties when a call comes over the walkie-talkie about an attack on an ambulance. The dispatcher had never seen anything like it. Scott just knows that this is Lydia; he and Stiles head towards the crash.

Arriving on site, there is blood everywhere. The EMT explains that they were transporting a DOA heart attack victim when, out of nowhere, a ferocious beast attacked them and ate the corpse's liver. Scott takes off into the woods when he sees a wolf. The two battle, and after a minute Scott realizes that this is not Lydia. Lydia slowly emerges from the woods, naked and shivering.

Scott pursues the mystery wolf into the woods, but he quickly gets caught up in one of Argent's traps. Argent and his hunters head towards the trap - but so does Scott, who is quickly dragged into the shadows by Derek. Scott is furious with Derek - until he sees Argent, Gerald, and their goons kill the trapped werewolf.

Also: Jackson's body seems to be rejecting the werewolf bite, oozing black goo from every orifice. A new boy at school named Matt flirts with Alison. Another new boy, Isaac, is the son of the cemetery groundskeeper. While digging Kate's grave one night, he is attacked by a werewolf who is robbing graves of livers.

Dig It or Bury It?

As promised by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis and the cast, season two is shaping up to be darker and more cinematic than the first season. We still have some dopey lovey-dovey crap, and with the introduction of Matt, I suspect a lot more high school drama is in our future. But on the flip side, the effects seem to have gotten better (or the producers have used the CG more judiciously), and we have a lot more... adult elements:

Sex, Blood, and Rock n' Roll

For one thing, Lydia gets naked in tonight's episode. And not a little naked; we are talking almost  full frontal. When she comes out of the woods, she has her arms pressed up against her breasts, but that really just covers the nipples. You get full 360 degree cleavage. 

For another, the lone werewolf who gets caught in Argent's trap is killed bloodily: dude is sliced in half at the waist, with intestines and organs glistening in the moonlight before dripping to the ground.

A Lycanthrope's Tale

As the title of tonight's episode suggests, we learn about omegas, which are werewolves without a pack. Some are the lone survivors of a pack; others simply strayed. Either way, they rarely survive on their own.


I've actually seen the second episode, but I don't know what has been "publicly" released, so I will say that we learn that Isaac has a dark secret and we get to meet a new monster.