TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 202 - 'Shape Shifted'


Teen Wolf Episode 202

"Shape Shifted"

Written By: Andrew Cochran

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 4 June 2012

In This Episode...

As it turns out, Isaac's dad is physically and emotionally abusive. Over dinner one night, when Isaac admits he is getting a D in one of his classes, dad loses his mind and starts throwing dishes at his son. A huge shard of glass slices open Isaac's cheek. Dad is shocked when the wound heals instantly before his eyes. Isaac takes off on his bike; dad pursues in the car. He follows Isaac to an alley, but it is not Isaac waiting for him int he shadows - it is a werewolf who mauls him to death. Isaac runs into Derek and begs for help, swearing he didn't kill his father. No matter; the next day, the police bring him in for questioning. Argent and his clan suspect that Isaac is a werewolf and they want to see what happens on the night of the full moon.

Derek and Scott head to Isaac's house to have poke around. Derek suspects that whatever happened in that house was far worse than whatever happened to Isaac's dad. Despite the full moon coming, the pair head into Isaac's basement. They find a sub-zero freezer that appears to have been the place where Isaac transformed - there are claw marks on the inside lid.

Alison overhears her dad and grandfather talking with a deputy about the possibility of Isaac being a werewolf. The deputy leaves carrying a small box. Alison runs into Stiles, and he informs her the deputy was a fake. She believes he was carrying wolfsbane and shoots him with an arrow in the leg. So Alison goes to Isaac's house to babysit Scott while he changes (she chains him up in the freezer) and Derek and Stiles follow the fake deputy to the police department.

The boys sneak into the police station. Stiles confronts the injured deputy and the two struggle. Stiles pulls the fire alarm and the deputy lets him go, but is confronted by a werewolf - Isaac. Were-Isaac kills the deputy, but before he can tear open Stiles, Derek shows up and scares him into submission.

Back at Isaac's house, Scott hears Alison scream as she is confronted by a beast. He frees himself from the freezer and goes to aid Alison. But she is not being threatened by a werewolf; it is some new were-lizard creature that we are going to call the Abomination.

Also: The family that slays together stays together. Mr. and Mrs. Argent kidnap the school principal and torture him, all so Gerard can take his place as the principal and keep an eye on things. Well, that, and plan a werewolf genocide. Jackson is excited for the full moon, and rents a camera from Matt to record the event. He is none too pleased to wake up the next morning and discover no change took place.

Dig It or Bury It?

Were-lizards! Badass. Next week maybe we will see were-chickens? I am really digging Grandpa Argent. He is such a good villain. He is the old man who has a sugary-sweet coating, but you know he is a scary pervert on the inside. I have to say, so far this season is living up to its darker, more cinematic promises.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Stiles's dad returns to the police station at the end of the night, and is shocked to see his son and the fake deputy's corpse in the middle of a room that looks like a shaken snowglobe. Stiles looks at his dad, looks around, and back at his dad before doing the only sane thing: "He did it." He pins the mess on the dead guy.


Was I mistaken, or did the werewolf (or were-lizard, or whatever) at the end of the promo clip have ICE CLAWS? Several other clips were definitely set in an ice rink. An ice monster would be pretty awesome.