TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 203 - 'Ice Pick'


Teen Wolf Episode 203

"Ice Pick"

Written By: Luke Passemore

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 11 June 2012

In This Episode...

Alison is fueling up her car when the lights at the gas station go out. Someone throws a black bag over her head and kidnaps her. She ends up bound and gagged at Derek's house, sitting across from her father while a booming, omnipotent voice makes vague threats. Argent breaks from his binds and reveals that he set up this whole kidnapping as a way to get Alison started on her hunter training. As her first test, she must free herself from her binds. It takes her two and a half hours, which Argent's protege, waiting outside, informs her is a good time - it took him over three hours to free himself when he went into training. She leaves. As the other hunter heads to his motorcycle, a tentacle-y, vine-y appendage trips him. He fights, but ultimately falls. In the moonlight, ice claws gleam.

At school, one of Scott's classmates, Erica, has gone through an amazing transformation. The epileptic girl was shy and an outcast who wore unflattering clothing and didn't brush her hair. Suddenly she shows up, smoking hot, wearing the tiniest miniskirt and the highest heels, flaunting her sexuality to everyone and anyone. It doesn't take long for Scott to see what has happened: Derek turned her with promises of power and "curing" her epilepsy. 

Scott and Stiles take Alison and Lydia on a "date" to the ice rink, after hours (their schoolmate, Boyd, works there or owns it or something). Lydia discovers purple flower petals scattered about the ice. She follows them and sees wolfsbane planted right in the ice. Crouching down, she sees a shadow beneath the surface... a man is under the ice, and his eyes open as he tries to break free. Lydia freaks out (rightly so) - but it is all in her mind.

After a confrontation in the hall with Erica, Scott starts to put the pieces together. Derek turned her, he turned Isaac. He needs at least one more to make a full pack. When Boyd isn't at school, it seems pretty obvious who Derek's next target is. There is no answer at Boyd's house, so Scott goes to the ice rink, where Boys is Zamboni-ing the ice. Scott tries to talk him out of getting the bite, but Boyd - also an outcast, apparently - is looking for a place to belong. Even after Derek told him about the hunters, he still wants to turn. Derek, Isaac, and Erica turn up, and the battle is on for control of Boyd. Derek sends his goons after Scott, who takes them out pretty easily. Next it is Derek's turn. The two fight, and it ends with Scott, bloodied and wounded on the ice, Derek hovering over him in victory. Boyd reveals to Scott that Derek already gave him the bite, and heads off with his new pack.

Also: Jackson believes that Lydia is immune to the werewolf curse, and blames her for "immunizing him" against turning. Both Argent and Scott (separately) turn to the vet for information about werewolves, and it seems he has a lot to tell Scott (next week, of course). Alison's mom deliberately slices open her arm so that she has an excuse to go to the hospital and get stitched up by Scott's mom. Mrs. Argent is trying to find out if Scott and Alison are sneaking around, and when Mrs. McCall reveals that Scott didn't seem too heartbroken, Mrs. Argent decides they are indeed still seeing each other.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am all-in with Teen Wolf. It has already started to separate itself from being just another teen franchise with some monsters in it. I have to admit, I am way biased towards this episode. I was a competitive figure skater growing up, so any time anyone in any show laces up, I get a little nostalgic and just a teeny bit giddy.

A Lycanthrope's Tale

According to the vet, Scott's wounds don't heal automatically because they were caused by an alpha.

You know when you take a picture of a dog, their eyes reflect the flash and it makes them look like they have glowing robot eyes? Scott has those glowing robot eyes, even in human form.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

The kids get to do rock climbing during their gym class. What the hell? We didn't do rock climbing in gym (then again, I never had to take gym in high school because of the aforementioned figure skating). My husband informs me that all high schools on all TV shows are all 100% fake. And here I thought it was just because I went to a public school in one of the worst school districts in the country.


The vet (I have got to learn his character's name) believes that there is another creature - not a lycanthrope - running around killing people. And could that be Argent trying to protect Scott from Gerald?