TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 205 - 'Venomous'


Teen Wolf Episode 205


Written By: Nick Antosca & Ned Vizzini

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 25 June 2012

In This Episode...

Derek has devised a way to test people to see if they are kanima or not. He makes his suspects ingest a few drops. Those that are affected by the paralytic are not kanima. He assumes that the toxin won't affect one of its own kind. He starts with Jackson. Jackson is immediately paralyzed and the pack lets him go.

The kids are trying to figure out who the kanima could be, without drugging their friends and acquaintances. Jackson believes Lydia could be the creature, and apparently Derek does as well. He sets Erica and Isaac on her in chemistry class. The experiment ends up creating rock candy, which they are encouraged to taste. Lydia's has a few drops of paralytic on it - but she suffers no effects. Stiles, Alison, and Jackson take Lydia back to Scott's house after school for her own protection, while Scott tries to reason with Derek, begging him to give him a chance to prove Lydia's innocence. Derek does not feel so inclined. 

Coach blames Scott, as co-captain, for Danny's shredded lacrosse pads. Scott confronts Danny about this, but it turns out he was playing a different position; someone else wore those pads. Scott gets a panicked call from Alison, begging him to come home straight away. Derek and his pack are standing outside the house. Watching. Waiting. Scott leaves, just missing the edited footage from Jackson's recording that Danny was able to reconstruct magically. The footage shows Jackson, sitting straight up in bed like Frankenstein's monster, eyes glowing and arms outstretched.

Jackson believes that Lydia was the one who broke into his house and messed with his tape - she has a key to his house. He gives her the third degree, she cries and relinquishes the key. They kiss, and we see Jackson's skin getting scaly beneath his collar. When a ruckus kicks up downstairs, Lydia locks herself in the bathroom and calls the police. Jackson leaves through the window. The ruckus is Isaac and Erica breaking in to the house. Stiles handles Isaac while Alison takes care of Erica. Both are neutralized with a dose of paralytic and delivered to Derek's feet. Derek thinks their rebellion is cute, but gets worried when he hears the sirens from the cop cars. Before they leave, the kanima, still perched on the roof. It runs off, and meets with a second kanima in a parked car. They say nothing, just hold up their hands/paws/claws against the glass. We don't see who the second kanima is before Jackson scampers off. I believe it is either the chemistry teacher or the school counselor. But hey, at least Lydia is off the hook. 

Dig It or Bury It?

The first three-fourths of the episode felt a little slow. I get that they were just building up to the last couple acts, and the payoff was well worth it, but it was a drag getting there.

A Lycanthrope's Tale

Derek thinks he knows why Scott doesn't want to join his pack. He sees Scott as an alpha himself, with his own bloodline.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

The boys are debating the possibility of Lydia being the lizard creature. Stiles jumps to her defense: "I've looked into the beasts' eyes. It's 100% evil. I only see 50% evil when I look into her eyes. 40% on a good day."


Now the hunt is on to find - and kill - Jackson. Unless there is a cure....