TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 208 - 'Raving'


Teen Wolf Episode 208
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 16 July 2012

In This Episode...

Alison’s dad interrogates her on what she knows about the kanima, while Scott and Stiles meet with Dr. Deaton to concoct a plan to capture the kaiama. The Argents don’t fill Alison in on their plan; they just want her to give the signal when Jackson is in a place where there won’t be any casualties. Stiles and Scott’s plan is a little more intense, and involves Derek and his pack.

This all goes down at the rave. Stiles uses ash from a mountain ash tree (said to ward off supernatural creatures) to contain Jackson (and the werewolves) in the warehouse. Isaac and Erica are in charge of injecting Jackson with a super-dose of Ketamine, which will sedate Jackson enough so he can be taken in to a secure room. Derek and Boyd get distracted when they come face-to-face with Chris, Gerard, and their team. A fight ensues and Boyd is injured. Scott is similarly detained when Victoria hits him with her car. Scott wakes in a nondescript room where Victoria poisons him slowly with a huge dose of wolfsbane, distributed via vaporizer so it looks like Scott had an asthma attack. Scott manages to howl for help, Derek hears it and comes rushing in (after, of course, he convinces Stiles to break the circle of ash so he can get into the building). He fights off Victoria, who runs outside and collapses into her husband’s arms. She has the bite.

While all this is going on, Stiles, Erica, and Isaac have Jackson in a room. He appears to be unconscious, but it is quickly revealed that it is a ruse. Jackson has no problem climbing out of his K-hole, and of the three holding him hostage, it is the one who doesn’t have supernatural powers that has the courage to speak to Jackson. But he doesn’t exactly get to speak with Jackson; he speaks to the kanima’s master, channeled through Jackson. “It’s us,” he snarls. “We’re all here. We’re the ones killing murderers. All the people deserved it. They murdered me.” Then the kanima gets a little grumpy, tries to attack his jailers, and escapes right through the wall.

Also: Stiles and his dad figure out that the victims were all 24 years old (except for Isaac’s dad, but Isaac had an older brother, killed in war, who would have been 24 had he lived) and all had class together - chemistry, with the teacher who hates Stiles. Dr. Deaton and the guidance counselor know something about the “great evil” that is on its way, but they are loathe to say anything. And Stiles’s dad is fired because the county thought he was not the best choice of sheriff if he can’t control his son.

Dig It or Bury It?

A fine episode, but not as good as last week’s. There were some good action scenes, but that rave was right out of 1997. I also hate plots where everyone has a plan and then, for whatever reason, nothing happens as a result of said plan. Good or bad, there needs to be an outcome more interesting than “nothing happened.” The scene where Stiles’s dad tells him he lost his job is quite touching though.


Because the kanima is being controlled by another person, Dr. Deaton compares it to two sides of a coin. Where the kanima killed Shawn in the woods last week, his human master killed wife Jessica. Catch one, catch both.


It’s Derek’s pack’s first full moon together, so break out the raw cookie dough and the nail polish - we’re having a slumber party!