TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 209 - 'Party Guessed'


Teen Wolf Episode 209
“Party Guessed”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrews
Original Airdate: 23 July 2012

In This Episode...

Lydia’s birthday - the biggest social event of the year in Beacon Hills - happens to fall on the night of the full moon. Her part-real, part-hallucination of Peter dictates that her party go on as normal. 

But normal isn’t in the cards. For one thing, Stiles, Alison, and Scott are the only three people who show up. They feel bad, make a few calls, and get a flood of people into the party. Lydia serves up her special punch, which is laced with wolfsbane, which acts as a not-so-mild hallucinogenic, causing kids to live their own worst nightmares. Alison sees herself as a hardened hunter, who shoots “normal” Alison in the gut. Scott sees Alison and Jackson hooking up - then it is Alison and the kanima. Stiles sees his dad come in, drunk, ranting that his mother died because of Stiles, and Stiles was killing him as well. Jackson sees his biological parents come back for him, but they have no faces - and then his face is erased, too. Matt is pushed into the pool, despite screams that he can’t swim. Jackson rescues him. No consequences come as a result of the punch, at least not yet. The cops break up the party. As they are leaving, Scott sees Matt staring at him from across the street - the kanima curled up at his feet. 

Alison has a lot of problems in tonight’s episode. First, when she drops Matt off after the rave, he leaves his camera in the car. She looks at the photos and sees an awful lot of her - many taken via telephoto lens through her windows. So now Matt is creepy stalker guy, alternating between “it’s all just an innocent mistake” to full-on Fatal Attraction. Worse yet, Victoria’s werewolf bite from last week means that she must die - and Gerard would rather it be on Victoria’s terms. Otherwise, he will have to kill her. In a series of very sweet, touching scenes, Chris holds Victoria, promising that, though the official story was life-long depression that ended in suicide, Alison would know the truth. Together, they plunge a huge knife into her heart (because a drug overdose just isn’t Victoria’s style).

Derek is helping his gang through their first full moon. Despite his best efforts of chaining his wards up - even putting Erica in a headband made of spikes - they break free and a battle ensues. Luckily they figure out the “anchoring” thing to control the change pretty fast. With Isaac, Erica, and Boyd taken care of, Derek goes outside and runs right into Lydia, who blows a handful of wolfsbane dust into his face. She drags an unconscious Derek back to the old Hale house, makes sure that he is touching Peter’s corpse, and angles some mirrors to make sure the moonlight hits them. Peter wakes, and the alpha power transfers from Derek to Peter.

Also: Stiles finally puts the pieces together. The kanima’s victims were not all from Mr. Harris’s chemistry class. They were all on the 2006 swim team - which was coached by Isaac’s dad.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was one fucked-up episode. Seriously... just fucked up. All the kids experience their worst nightmares - Alison for real. Derek plays Saw with his gang. Lydia is flat-out psychotic in a very terrifying way. 

Wolf Tales

According to Derek, female wolves have a significantly higher tolerance to pain than their male counterparts - this is why she gets the spiked headband.


So Matt is legitimately bonkers and he shoots Scott in front of his mom. Naturally Scott will be okay, but methinks it will lead to a series of very important chat between mother and son.