TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 210 - 'Fury'


Teen Wolf Episode 210
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 30 July 2012

In This Episode...

Scott and Stiles have managed to convince Mr. Stilinski that Matt is the killer, and he has been setting up Mr. Harris. They go down to the police station and go over the evidence that convinces Stilinski to seek out a search warrant. And this is where the shit hits the fan. Stiles discovers Matt has killed the desk officer, and the other officers throughout the station. More accurately, he sent the kanima to do his dirty work - but he is still brandishing a gun. He handcuffs Mr. Stilinski and forces Scott and Stiles to destroy any evidence connecting Matt to the murders. Derek shows up, and he has Jackson paralyze him, quickly followed by Stiles. Melissa shows up, responding to a call from Scott to come and give her statement that she saw Matt at the hospital the night Jessica died. Matt promises Scott he won’t hurt Melissa, so instead he shoots Scott. This is obviously not lethal, but Melissa doesn’t know this. Matt locks her in a holding cell and leaves her to worry about her bleeding son.

It is at this point in the story that Matt lays out his traumatic backstory and evil plot to Scott. Matt was over at the Lahey house the night that Mr. Lahey led the high school swim team to the championships. The team was celebrating with booze and groping at the coach’s house. Matt was over to read comics with Isaac. He went outside and one of the drunk teens threw him in the pool. Matt can’t swim, and his desperate thrashing went unnoticed by the teens, despite the fact that they were in the pool, fooling around mere inches from the drowning Matt. He blacks out, and comes to with Coach Lahey staring over him. He tells Matt it is his fault he almost died, and he had better not tell anyone about it. Typical bully-speak.

Matt was traumatized by this event, but he kept his word and told no one, which certainly didn’t help matters. Fast forward to the night he rented Jackson his camera. From his car, he logs into his camera through his smartphone and can see everything the camera is capturing. What at first looks like a sex tape turns into something far scarier. Jackson, as the kanima, creeps outside and approaches Matt in the car. He is terrified at first, but the two hold their hands up to one another, the window the only barrier. This bonds them, and Matt controls him. Matt wants the bestiary because he has started to get kanima scales along his torso. He texts Alison on Scott’s phone. Alison immediately knows that it is not Scott, but she can’t bother herself with that now. Still reeling from her mother’s death, Gerard has put Alison in her mother’s place, leading the Argent commandos. Alison’s first concern is killing Derek, because he is responsible for her mother’s death. Scott is of no concern to her right now.

So the Argents storm the police station. The power is cut, gunfire peppers the windows, and smoke bombs explode. Alison faces off against the kanima, but she hardly slows it down. Instead, it paralyzes her, and Matt makes crazy “If I can’t have you, no one can” threats. Her dad eventually comes in and carries her to safety. In the confusion, Scott manages to evade Matt. Derek is on his way to regaining full mobility, so Scott drags Stiles to (relative) safety in an interrogation room. Mr. Stilinski manages to dislodge the bracket he is chained to, Matt enters, mocks Melissa for a moment, but beats a hasty retreat when the kanima and Derek - in full wolf glory - enter the room. The two beasts fight, right in front of Melissa. But that isn’t as horrifying as when Scott comes in, delivers a serious blow to the kanima, and reveals his full wolf face to his mother. Matt escapes, as does the kanima.

Gerard follows Matt and finds him by the river. He drowns the boy, and sees the kanima lurking under the bridge. Gerard offers it his hand, and the two bond. Gerard is now his master.

Dig It or Bury It?

Hells yes. Nonstop tension and action. It’s almost like with this episode, Teen Wolf became a Man Wolf. It no longer felt like an MTV show. Even in the best episodes of the series, Teen Wolf would sometimes feel like it was pandering to the lowest common denominator of 14 year olds, or it was a music video, in a desperate attempt to make the M in MTV still relative. Tonight, there was none of that. It was just... it was just good. Gripping. Awesome. If I had to be nitpicky (and let’s be honest: that is one of the best parts of being a critic) it would be that Matt’s evil genius diatribe felt a bit forced in parts. But only a teeny, tiny bit.

Wolf Tales

It would seem that Matt is becoming a kanima as punishment for breaking the rules of how to control the kanima. The kanima is only meant to kill those who have killed others. Matt was instead using the kanima for revenge. He would take a picture of someone, and then the kanima would “take care of” his unwitting models. By breaking the rules, Matt left himself vulnerable to a kanima punishment. But now it doesn’t matter.


Jackson has returned to the lacrosse team, and it looks like Gerard is prepared to activate him during the game.