TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 211 - 'Battlefield'


Teen Wolf Episode 211
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 6 August 2012

In This Episode...

Scott gets out of the shower and discovers that Gerard is in his room, commanding the kanima to hold Melissa by the throat. He makes a none-too-veiled threat that Scott better help him bring down Derek, or people will die. Melissa still doesn’t know how to deal with Scott’s “condition” - but she’s trying. Scott isn’t planning on playing in that night’s championship lacrosse game, but Isaac lets him know that Jackson will be there. Scott can’t risk a kanima bloodbath.

Gerard has made sure that Scott is benched for the game - academic suspension. Stiles, however, gets to play for the first time (don’t over think it - it doesn’t make any sense if you do). Isaac shows up, siding with Scott instead of Boyd and Erica (more on them later). The only way for Scott to truly keep an eye on Jackson is to be on the field. Isaac starts playing extra-rough, putting his teammates on the injured list. Coach has no choice but to play Scott or forfeit. Before the game, Gerard gave Scott an ultimatum: bring him Derek before the game clock hits 30 seconds, or people start to die. If he does bring Derek, he can “have” Alison (don’t even get me started on that). As the clock ticks down, Stiles scores three goals, including the goal that wins the game (again, don’t over think it). Beacon Hills wins in a stunning upset, and Scott is relieved that no one died.

Then the lights go out.

There is panic. There is running and screaming and falling. The lights come back, and Jackson is in the middle of the field, bloody and not breathing. His wounds seem to be self-inflicted. As Melissa and Lydia begin CPR, Sheriff Stilinsky (yep, he got reinstated) realizes Stiles is missing.

Boyd and Erica have decided they want to find a new pack, somewhere safer. Derek tries to dissuade them, but they heard other wolves howling in the woods and are determined to find them. Isaac initially considers going with them, but decides to stay and fight with Scott. A wise decision since it turns out the howls were just a recording the Argents played as they roamed the woods on ATVs. By the time Boyd and Erica realize this, it is too late. Alison shoots them full of arrows. She has a seemingly endless supply, and doesn’t stop until Chris shoots the bow from her hands - then she goes for her knife. It is unclear if Erica or Boyd survived, but Alison got a talking-to from daddy (“We capture, we don’t kill”). She calls Gerard and happily tells “Grandpa” that they caught the two runaways.

Meanwhile, Peter pays Derek a visit. Derek is none too happy to see him and fights him. Peter is weak and he insists that he doesn’t want to be alpha again - he just wants a pack. He also believes he knows how to stop the kanima by saving Jackson: the kanima has no identity, like an orphan. Someone must reach Jackson’s heart (metaphorically - you never know with shows like this). He believes Lydia is the only one who can reach him. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a setup episode, getting prepared for next week’s season finale. These type of episodes can be tricky - boring, slow, or obvious filler. But somehow, Teen Wolf managed to ratchet up the tension - and mix in a healthy dose of humor, too. It wasn’t perfect (see my parentheticals) but man, I am excited for the season finale.

A Lycanthrope’s Tale

According to Peter, there is a myth that you can cure a werewolf by saying his Christian name. Dumbest myth ever.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

There was a lot of great humor in this episode, but the standout was probably Coach’s pep talk to the lacrosse team before the big game: it’s the speech from Independence Day. Melissa, who had slipped into the locker room to see Scott, is highly confused by it. Stiles tells her he does this every year - ID4 is Coach’s favorite movie.


Now it is a waiting game to see who lives and who dies. Let’s be honest: Stiles is not going to die, and Jackson isn’t likely to. Boyd and/or Erica are my top bets. Neither are particularly interesting.