TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 212 - 'Master Plan'


Teen Wolf Episode 212
“Master Plan”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy and Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 13 August 2012

In This Episode...

Stiles has been kidnapped by Gerard and dumped in his basement, where Boyd and Erica are bound and being electrocuted. Gerard beats him soundly and lets him go. Presumably his disappearance was meant to send a message to his loved ones. I’m not sure what the ultimate effect was, but it was a good story point to leave last week’s episode on.

On to the important stuff. Jackson is taken from the lacrosse game in a body bag. Shaken by the whole incident, Melissa insists on going to the morgue and taking a look at Jackson’s body. Clear goo is leaking from his body bag. When she unzips him, she discovers Jackson has been cocooned in the goo, and she calls Scott. Isaac comes along with Scott - he has aligned himself with Scott’s pack now. They discover that, like any proper cocoon, this one is just prepping Jackson for the next stage of... whatever he is going through. Concurrently, Derek and Peter discover that Jackson is like a “beta” version of the kanima - the next stage involves something way more fierce, with wings. Jackson is starting to wake up, so Scott and Isaac hurry with the body to meet up with Derek. Chris stops them as they are leaving the hospital, but rather than attack, like Scott is expecting, Chris wants to help - kind of. Gerard has gone off his nut and is taking Alison with him down the rabbit hole. Chris believes he can only save his daughter by stopping Gerard.

Isaac, Scott, and Chris, with Jackson, meet Derek in a warehouse. Peter is there, but remains hidden. Derek believes that Jackson is too far gone to save. Gerard shows up, and Jackson wakes as the kanima (he doesn’t look like a mega-kanima). His plan all along was to use Scott and Jackson to lure out Derek. After some fighting, the kanima paralyzes Derek and puts Alison into a death grip. Gerard assures Scott that the only way to save Alison is for Derek to bite him. Derek begs Scott not to do this, but has no way of fighting back. Scott opens up Derek’s mouth and forces him to bite Gerard. Gerard’s triumph is only momentary. Gerard, it turns out, has cancer, and treatments have not helped. He wanted the bite so he could be immortal. Scott knew this - he could sniff out the cancer in Gerard. Scott, a few episodes ago, had swapped out Gerard’s pills with special pills he and the vet whipped up - capsules filled with mountain ash or wolfsbane or something. Whatever it was, it countered the effect of the bite. Gerard starts oozing black pus from every orifice of his body - including a geyser of it out of his mouth. Gerard doesn’t die; he ends up escaping in the upcoming commotion.

Lydia and Stiles drive in. Jackson’s final mission from Gerard was to kill them all. But he stops when he sees Lydia, unafraid, stand up to him and offer him the key. A flashback shows that he gave her the key to his house in a moment of post-coital bliss. It was Jackson’s way of saying “I love you.” Jackson starts to rehumanize. As he does so, Derek regains movement, and Peter comes out from hiding. They tag team him, stabbing him with their claws from either side. Jackson drops, surely dead, and Lydia cradles him. I don’t know if Lydia’s magic tears “fixed” him, but Jackson stirs. He stands (in a super-cheesy backlit silhouette that is reminiscent of the scene in Terminator where you first see Arnold) and howls - now Jackson is a werewolf. 

In some filler scenes tacked on at the end to lead us into season three, the vet and the guidance counselor meet up. “I never liked you being retired,” she tells him. Peter and Derek reveal to Isaac that a pack of alphas is coming, and they are far dangerous than any kanima. In fact, they are already here, and they corner Boyd and Erica who, after escaping the Argent house, were trying to escape the city. Alison has to break up with Scott, but he is okay with it - he knows they will end up together.

Dig It or Bury It?

As far as season finales go, this one was kind of a let-down. The bulk of the episode was quite engrossing. Gerard crossed over from being just a villain to a cartoonish super-villain - and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. But the ending felt slap-dash, like they were throwing in prep for season three at the last minute. And what the hell happened with Jackson? So he is a werewolf now...? How did that happen? How did Lydia’s love save him? It was just weird and dopey. Jackson went through a lot of different stages. He died twice, he was cocooned, he was turned extra-kanima-y, then werewolf. There was no endgame.