TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 301 - 'Tattoo'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 301 
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 3 June 2013

In This Episode...

We open with a mystery girl saving Isaac from those new alphas that moved in on Beacon Hills last season. After giving him a jump start with a car battery or something, she throws him onto her motorcycle and speeds off. An alpha keeps pace with them; she speeds up. Another alpha tries to block their path; they drive right through a massive window and wipe out. Two more alphas approach. They strip off their shirts like it was a synchronized Olympic event, then crouch down and form into one, massive, Hulk-like humanoid. The girl zaps them with an electric charge and they separate and are knocked out.

Stiles plays wingman when Scott goes for a tattoo - two black bands on his upper arm that he swears has no meaning (which of course means it does). When they get in the car, Scott’s arm starts to burn and throb, more than a normal tattoo. He removes the bandage and sees the tat heal itself.

At the same time, Lydia and Alison are on their way to a double date when they realize that Scott and Stiles are in the car next to them. Each car pretends not to see the other, and Lydia runs the red to put an end to the awkward situation. As the girls drive, a deer jumps out and lands on the hood of the car, as if it were attacking.

It’s the first day of school. Lydia is going through a boy-toy phase. Alison is still getting over the death of her mother. Scott has spent the entire summer working out and studying like crazy. And Stiles is Stiles. English class has hardly begun when the principal comes in for Scott: his mother needs him to leave school immediately. She was on call when Isaac and his mystery woman were brought into the hospital. The woman was terrified and desperately begging Melissa for the alpha. “Not Peter Hale,” she whispers. “Scott McCall.”

Scott heads to the hospital. A barefoot female alpha, Kali, injects something into Isaac’s IV before he is wheeled into surgery. By the time the doctor is ready to operate, Isaac appears to be healed. Meanwhile, Kali has gone to the mystery woman’s room, only to discover she has escaped. Another alpha has taken off with Isaac, which Scott notices as they board the elevator. He rushes in and starts fighting the alpha, but is soundly beaten. When the elevator stops, a new werewolf joins the fight: Derek. He easily sinks his claws into Scott’s attacker and throws him into the hall. The two take Isaac to Derek’s house, where Derek sets about hunting for the ingredients needed to heal Isaac’s inner wounds. Derek wants Scott to leave, telling him that this is his fight. With the help of Isaac and Peter, Derek has been searching for Deucalion, the leader of the alphas. Scott had a brief brush with Deucalion, a blind Brit, at the hospital.

Deucalion is actually at school with his alpha pack, fighting motorcycle girl. The girl went there looking for Scott, but the closest she found was Lydia and Alison. She beats a hasty retreat when she sees an alpha stalking her, but not before she leaves matching bruises on the girls’s arms. She tells Deucalion that she knows he is afraid of  Scott and the man he will become. She also knows that Deucalion’s plan is to get Derek to “eliminate” Scott for him. He rewards her by killing her.

Also: In addition to Lydia and Alison being attacked by the deer, a flock of birds fly into the classroom windows until they break in, and terrorize the kids; the pets at the vet tear themselves apart in their own cages; even Lydia’s dog Prada bites her ankles.

Oh, and in a throwaway line, we learn that Jackson is now an “American werewolf in London.”

Dig It or Bury It?

Welcome back, Teen Wolf. That was an intense, insane season premiere. The alphas, individually, are not much different than any other werewolf, but when they combine into a super-alpha, that is something special. I like that, with the exception of  about five minutes of dialogue filling in where we are and how the kids spent their summer, it was just all action and mythology and fun stuff. The idea that these alphas are hulking, skulking villains is a little cheesy, but I am sure they will seem less drone-like as the season continues.

I wonder if the animals freaking out has to do with the alpha pack hitting the town... or, more likely, because of whatever antibodies Lydia has...

Creature Feature

Seriously, that double werewolf creature was badass. I have never seen a werewolf like that, and it is always refreshing to see a new, unique take on a traditional monster.

Myths Revamped

Apparently an alpha wound is fatal, even to another werewolf. Kali injected something into Isaac that healed him externally, but he was still badly wounded on the inside.

Silly Stiles

At the tattoo parlor, Stiles tries to talk Scott out of the seemingly-meaningless bands on his arm. “How about this?” he suggests, holding up some flash of the kanema. “What, too soon?”


The search for Erica and Boyd continues, while Alison tries to figure out the significance in the shape of her bruise.