TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 302 - 'Chaos Rising'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 302
“Chaos Rising”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 10 June 2013

In This Episode...

Scott and Stiles head to a party. The hostess, Heather, is a childhood friend of Stiles’ and she lures him there with an ulterior motive: she wants Stiles to take her virginity. Stiles, naturally, is all for it, and they sneak down to the wine cellar. He goes back up to the bathroom to grab a condom, and the earth shakes. Wine bottles start flying off the racks and crashing all over the cellar. Heather is scared and backs up against the wall, her feet getting bloodied on the way. Suddenly someone or something grabs her and drags her out through the tiny basement window. When Stiles returns, Heather is gone, but not a single wine bottle is out of place.

Derek is still trying to find Boyd and Erica. He brings Isaac over to do a special alpha-mind-meld in the hopes of accessing his hidden memories about his time being held hostage by the alpha pack. (This was kind of glossed-over in episode 301, but Isaac was being held by the alpha pack and was so traumatized he blocked it from his memory. The mystery girl on the motorcycle rescued him.) Derek has Peter do the mind-meld because he is more experienced and this could be dangerous. What on earth could be dangerous about a supernatural creature sinking his claws deep into the top of someone’s spinal column? Peter doesn’t get much out of Isaac’s brain. Everything is fuzzy and has a feeling of panic surrounding it. Peter does see  a male and a female prisoner, and hears that “time is running out.” He surmises that by the full moon, they will be dead.

There is a lack of detail here, so next the boys seek out the help of Dr. Deaton, who decides on a sort of hypnosis. Isaac must be given some kind of drug, then submerged (and held) in ice water until his heart rate slows and he is nearly unconscious. Dr. Deaton insists he is the only one to speak to Isaac in this trance, in order to prevent confusion. Isaac enters the trance state, and is scared. He is not in a house, but a room that is dusty and marble or concrete, like a bunker. He hears bits and pieces of conversation, about being out of control when the moon rises; that they will hurt each other during the full moon. When Dr. Deaton presses him for a number, a marker, an address - anything that could help them identify this bunker - Isaac freaks out. Close to emerging from the trance, Derek steps in and is far more forceful. Isaac wakes with a jolt, but it worked. He was being held in the vault of an abandoned bank, Beacon Hills National Bank. He is also pretty sure he saw Erica, dead, but Derek refuses to believe it. Stiles suggests that maybe this is some sort of werewolf thunderdome. There is only one way to find out: break in.

The bank closed shortly after it had been robbed, in a case that was handled by Stiles’ dad, so it is no problem getting the blueprints. Derek, Scott, Stiles, and Peter plan the break-in in the worst Ocean’s movie ever: Derek decides to just literally punch in the wall with his super-werewolf strength. Scott will accompany him while Stiles and Peter... I don’t know, bond?

At the same time, Alison has finally figured out why the bruises on her and Lydia’s arms looked so familiar: together, it forms the logo of the Beacon Hills National Bank. Naturally, Alison goes to check it out. She breaks in and is quickly tackled by Ms. Morell. “You have no idea what you just walked into,” Ms. Morell warns, and tells Alison to hide in the closet. The smell of ammonia masks it for a bit, but Alison soon comes face-to-face with Erica’s corpse.

Back at the loft, Peter finally puts all the pieces together. The bank vault is made of some kind of special material that blocks all lunar rays. So Boyd and whoever else is locked in that vault with him have been unable to change into werewolves, essentially giving them the werewolf version of blue balls. (Hairy balls?) Deucalion’s plan is that, when Scott and Derek bust in to free the werewolves - on the night of the full moon - the moonlight will enter and they will shift for the first time in months, and they won’t be able to contain themselves. Derek and Scott are like lambs being led to lions. Stiles calls and warns Scott, but it is too late - Derek is already in. But he has a good reason to continue: the female werewolf is his younger sister, Cora, whom he thought was dead.

Ms. Morell spills some magic dust across the threshold to keep the four werewolves contained, then leaves them to tear each other apart. Alison comes out of hiding and sees Scott in trouble. Despite the boys begging her not to, Alison can’t risk Scott’s life and breaks the line of the dust, unsealing the werewolves. Rabid Boyd and Cora leave, and Derek is furious. “Do you even understand what you have done?” shouts Derek.

Meanwhile, Lydia is at home, laying in bed, screaming. I have no idea why. She just is.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was a weird place for this episode to end. It just stopped. Lydia is screaming for no reason - and then we go to black. WTF?

So now Boyd and Cora are unleashed onto the world, but I have to imagine that when the sun comes up, they will go back to normal and their future changes will be “normal” - as normal as a werewolf can be. So what kind of havoc can they wreak? And since when was Marin in league with the “bad guys?” Is she a double agent? Is the vet playing both sides as well? Curiouser and curiouser. 

I want another mutant two-headed alpha creature.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Stiles fumbles for condoms. Then he finds them - they are XXL. You can almost see Stiles trying to do the math in his head, to see if it is even worth trying out an XXL condom.

Second greatest moment: Stiles is with Peter, trying to figure out why the alphas would use the bank as their prison. “Don’t they have a lair?” Stiles asks. “They are werewolves, not Bond villains.”


Derek and Scott team up with Chris Argent, of all people, to get the feral alpha population under control.