TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 303 - 'Fireflies'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 303
Written By: Lucas Sussman
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 17 June 2013

In This Episode...

Derek and Scott have split up and spread out through the woods to locate Boyd and Cora. A couple of kids, out catching fireflies, are attacked by Boyd. Scott saves them then takes them home before joining up with Derek to track their missing werewolves.

Around this time, a pair of girls, Caitlyn and Emily, are camping. They are preparing to bed down together in a tent filled with candles (brilliant) when Emily notices giant bugs crawling all over the outside of the tent. She freaks and runs screaming. Caitlyn goes after her, but Emily trips and is carried off by a flood of beetles. Caitlyn returns to their tent when Cora appears. Scott, Derek, and Isaac appear to fight the she-wolf off. Frustrated, Derek and Isaac are ready to fight the wild werewolves to the death, but Scott is convinced they can be rehabilitated and decides to seek the help of the only werewolf hunter he knows: Chris Argent.

Argent is not keen to help. Scott doesn’t push the subject, but does ask for a ride to the public pool. When they get there, police and ambulances surround the scene (we will come back to this in a second) and Scott says that werewolves attacked the kid being wheeled away by the coroner. Of course, now Argent has to help. He gathers Scott, Derek, and Isaac in the woods to teach them about tracking and hunting. They use special ultrasonic-emitting stakes to force Cora and Boyd to the school, where they plan to lock them in the boiler room. All goes according to plan, but of course, they are corralled too easily. Suddenly all is quiet in the boiler room. But Scott can hear an extra heartbeat. That is because the boiler room has a hole in the wall, which leads into the supply closet, which is where a teacher, burning the 2am oil, just happens to be grabbing paper for who-knows-what. Derek goes into the boiler room to see what is going on, and catches Boyd and Cora just before they can attack the teacher. He engages them in a fight while the teacher shuts the conveniently-placed metal gate and hides behind a bookshelf. Derek holds back the werewolves but they are too much for him and start slashing at him. Derek doesn’t stand a chance. Luckily, the sun comes up, rendering Boyd and Cora human - and exhausted. Scott finds the two of them passed out beside a bleeding, but ambulatory, Derek.

So the pool death. After Lydia’s unfortunate and unexplained screaming incident last week, she needs an aspirin. Naturally. So she goes to the store to get some. She gets out of her car and is texting, so it is a few paces before she realizes she is not at the store - she is at the public pool. And there is a body floating in it. She approaches, praying for the person not to be dead. The person turns out to be a dummy. She is relieved - but notices her hand is bloody. A look up reveals a male, in the lifeguard’s chair, with his throat ripped out.

Melissa has Stiles come down to the hospital to look at the corpse of the lifeguard. He was not killed by an “animal.” His throat was slit neatly with a knife, but there are other wounds: ligature marks indicating he was garroted, and a massive head wound. Any one of them could be the fatal blow. And this isn’t just a random killing. Another girl had come in earlier with exactly the same injuries. And the other girl? Heather. Stiles starts putting pieces together when he remembers that the lifeguard was wearing a purity ring (literally - it was a ring with “purity” etched along the outside). He goes to speak with Caitlyn, who had been brought to the hospital when her story sounded delusional, and she admits that she and Emily were virgins, too. Sure enough, when morning comes, the sheriff discovers Emily tied to a tree, with all three wounds. Stiles surmises that these are ritualistic killings. Sacrifices.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really like the idea of there being human sacrifices this season. Werewolves, frankly, are kind of boring. They are either human and normal, or snarling, unintelligent beasts. There is no in between, and that gets boring. Human killers are much more terrifying. Plus, it is impressive that the killer has been able to find so many virgins.

In general, I feel like there has been something missing this season. Literally - like large chunks of episodes have been cut out and inelegantly edited together. Like Lydia’s screaming was never explained. Alison has a single, random flashback to earlier in the night with no warning, and no necessity. 

Random thought: except for Derek, all the kids in this show are only children. And after last season, all the kids have only one parent.

Worst. Moment. Ever.

There were a couple worst moments. First, the two little kids in the forest. Despite being no older than 10 years old apiece, they easily outran an insane werewolf. Then the werewolf was distracted by fireflies. Really.

Second is the fact that Lydia put on stilettos when she went on a late-night run to the store to get aspirin. Put on a pair of flip-flops for errands, and maybe you won’t need so much aspirin.

Third, what kind of teacher is at the school well past midnight to grade papers? Couldn’t she do that at home?


It looks like Beacon Hills has a human serial killer - or at least, human-ish.