TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 305 - 'Frayed'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 305
Written By: Angela L. Harvey
Directed By: Robert Hall
Original Airdate: 1 July 2013

In This Episode...

This episode was made up of flashbacks within flashbacks, so let’s see if I can give you the scoop in a linear fashion.

The alphas have moved into the apartment above Alison and her dad. I don’t remember the Argents moving into an apartment, but this makes Scott all the more protective of Alison. He alerts Derek and Peter of their whereabouts, but the Hales already knew, and are planning.... something. Scott begs them not to just blindly kill the alphas. Isaac invites himself along with Scott to “grab some food,” but Scott is really planning on ambushing Deucalion. Deucalion has his own troops with him, then the Hales show up... we end up with all the werewolves we have seen in this show squaring off in a beautifully choreographed fight inside an abandoned shopping mall. The fight ends with Ennis slashing Scott badly, then Scott cutting Ennis’ Achilles. He is fighting with Derek at the time, and the two fall three stories to their “deaths.” 

At least, Scott thinks it is their deaths. He is on his way to an out of town cross country meet, and is wallowing in the guilt over Derek’s death. About the same time, Cora goes to collect her brother and discovers neither body is there. As it turns out, Kali and one of the twins, along with Ms. Morell, have taken a badly wounded Ennis to Dr. Deaton to get him fixed up. Deaton is not inclined to help, but Morell begs him, insisting that if Ennis dies, the others will kill Scott out of revenge. Deaton relents, and treats the werewolf.

Whatever Ennis has, Scott has too. His slash hasn’t healed; in fact, it looks worse. It is leaking black blood and the veins around the area are black and throbbing. When Danny finds out that Twin #2 is waiting to hear about a friend on his deathbed, Stiles puts the pieces together and taunts a carsick kid, Jared, into vomiting on the bus so they can get to a rest stop and meet Alison and Lydia. The girls have been following the bus this entire time, because Alison is worried about Scott. No one can figure out what is wrong with Scott, but Lydia suggests it could be all in Scott’s mind: his guilt over Derek may be getting in the way of his healing. Alison stitches him up in the hopes that if Scott thinks he is healing, he will actually heal.

Of course, Derek isn’t actually dead. He is barely alive, though, and throws his bloody body against teacher Jennifer’s car. She rushes to help him as he collapses.

Dig It or Bury It?

So there you have it. Nothing was resolved; the story didn’t move forward. There was a beautiful fight scene and then a lot of other nonsense. The time shifting in this episode was interesting. I can’t decide if I liked it or not. It was fairly well-constructed, but I feel like it was just a way to pad an episode that is rather light on plot. Boyd and Isaac are too angry - it is like roid rage-anger. I can kind of understand why Boyd would be like that - he has been a werewolf pawn from the moment he entered Beacon Hills, but what is up with Isaac?


The kids check into a cheap, terrifying motel which may or may not be haunted by a power tool-wielding maniac. But let’s be honest. You can’t have a cheap motel without a horrible psychopath.