TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 306 - 'Motel California'



teen wolfTeen Wolf  Episode 306
“Motel California”
Written and Directed By: Christian Taylor
Original Airdate: 8 July 2013

In This Episode...

In 1977, a badly-injured man checks into a divey motel called the Glen Capri. He has just been bitten by a werewolf, and tonight is the full moon. As his eyes glow, he shoots himself in the head with a shot gun. The camera pans down - the man is named Alexander Argent.

Over 35 years later, the Beacon Hills bus pulls into the Glen Capri. The traffic jam caused the kids to need a place to crash, and this place was cheap and nearby. Weird things start to happen immediately. The werewolves are all acting weird, like they are in a trance. Lydia goes to the front office and asks about a sign with the number 198 on it. The manager explains that the Glen Capri has the dubious honor of having the most suicides of any motel in California: 198 in their 40 year history. This creeps Lydia out, and she starts to hear people committing suicide. It is all in her mind. Alison believes her, and they fill in Stiles, who has noticed the werewolf weirdness as well.

Ethan is hooking up with Danny when suddenly he feels something alien in his spine. He runs to the bathroom, where he sees hands and a face trying to push their way out of his belly. Ethan runs from the room and goes to a room that is being renovated. He grabs a power saw, intent on cutting himself open to free the parasitic twin. (Triplet?) Stiles and the girls hear him and tackle the saw away from him. Ethan tries again with his own claws, but he stumbles and burns himself on a hot lamp. This wakes him from whatever trance state he is in.

Boyd goes for ice and hears a girl calling to him. He digs deep and discovers a young girl in the ice machine - her eyes pop open and scare the hell out of Boyd. A phantom radio broadcast informs us that this was Alicia, Boyd’s sister. As children, the two were ice skating on a lake that wasn’t quite frozen over, and Alicia drowned. Boyd gets the safe from the main office, then drowns himself in the bathtub, the safe on his chest to dissuade anyone from saving him. Remembering what worked for Ethan, Stiles grabs a flare from the bus and tosses it in the water. Boyd is shocked awake and throws the safe across the room. Isaac, who has been having flashbacks of his abusive father locking him int he freezer, has curled up in the fetal position under the bed. A flare tossed under also releases him from the insanity.

Scott believes that Deucalion has his mother hostage outside the motel. When he goes to the window, Deucalion rips Melissa’s throat out. Stiles startles Scott out of this reverie. But after “fixing” Isaac and Boyd, Stiles and the girls go to grab the last flare and look for Scott. Scott has beat them to it. He has doused himself with gasoline and lit the flare. His friends try to talk him down, but it doesn’t work. Scott believes that everyone close to him gets hurt. Stiles steps into the gasoline, promising that if Scott goes, they go together. Instead he takes the flare away and throws it clear of the gas - but just barely. The flare ends up rolling into the gas, and the girls tackle the boys clear of the enormous fireball that occurs. Lydia sees something in the flames - Death, I think.

The kids survive the night, and the cross country meet has been canceled. Lydia grabs the coach’s whistle and gives it a blow - it is full of wolfsbane. I don’t know how she knew that, but whatever; I’ll accept it. As a thanks for saving his life, Ethan offers Scott some info. First, Derek is “probably” alive. But, they lost one of their own, which means that Derek will have to join Deucalion’s pack, or Kali will hunt him down.

Also: Jennifer takes Derek home, they have sex, and he magically begins to heal. Chris visits his dad in the home. Gerald has black goo leaking out his nose. Chris knows about his uncle, Alexander, but he needs to know the name of the alpha who bit him. It was Deucalion. (Gee, I’m shocked.)

Dig It or Bury It?

Awesome episode. A little predictable (the moment Stiles remembers Lydia’s party, I wondered why he didn’t immediately jump to wolfsbane poisoning) but so good. Let’s be honest: anything set in a run-down motel is automatically scary. It could be the wackiest comedy, but put it in a motel, and it is terrifying. Add to it the epic waves of insanity, and you’ve got yourself a winner. My question is: what is up with all the suicides? Is the motel built on a massive crop of wolfsbane? Does it have some curse on it to lure werewolves there, so they can go crazy and kill themselves? Were all the suicides werewolves?

I have some problems with the ending. What kind of moron just throws a lit flare amidst all that gasoline? Also, Stiles, Lydia, and Alison should have just let Scott light himself on fire. The flames would shock him out of his reverie, allowing him to jump out of the fire and use his werewolf powers 

Worst. Moment. Ever.

I’m choosing to ignore Derek being magically healed by “true love’s kiss” or a good fuck or whatever that was. It was just too stupid for words. 

Best. Moment. Ever.

Ethan’s ode to Freddy Krueger with the faces trying to pop out of his belly.


The “coming up next” was more cryptic than the “coming up next” for Mad Men. I am looking forward to Gerald being back - he is like a Looney Toons villain.