TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 307 - 'Currents'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 307
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 15 July 2013

In This Episode...

A 10-car pile-up and missing doctors make the ER insane. Scott brings his mom some dinner, and while there, Ethan brings in a dying Danny, who throws up mistletoe. Melissa realizes Danny has a collapsed lung and save him, right before Scott’s eyes. He is impressed. Danny’s injury is never explained, but Ethan insists he had nothing to do with it.

The on-shift doctor turns up - dead. Later, the on-call doctor also turns up - dead. Both have been asphyxiated, but not garroted like the previous murders. Judging by the injuries to the wrists, Melissa thinks they were hanged by their wrists until their lungs were crushed under the weight of their chests, suffocating them. Scott figures that the next round of deaths have to do with healers, and he worries his mom is next. But she is not; Dr. Deaton is. He finds a moth, then a flock, which he knows means he is next. He calls Scott to let him know. Now it is a matter of finding him before he dies.

Stiles, Lydia, and Cora (who was at school to threaten Lydia to stay away from the twin she has been hooking up with) are working to find Deaton. Since they have no leads, Stiles thinks that Lydia might have some psychic powers. Using a ouija board, holding Deaton’s keys, and “free writing” doesn’t help at all. Instead, Lydia suggests Stiles talk to Danny. He goes to his hospital room, where Danny is pretty doped up, and starts going through his backpack. A research paper piques Stiles’ interest.

Scott is with Alison sneaking around her dad’s office. He has a town map that looks innocuous, but when a UV light is shined over it, markings appear. It looks like Chris used different symbols to mark where people were being abducted and where their bodies were being found. They meet up with Stiles’ crew, who have Danny’s science paper, something about electrical currents and how Beacon Hill is actually built like a beacon. Anyway, when the two maps are compared, it turns out that the bodies turn up where certain kinds of currents intersect. Cora recognizes one of those intersections: the bank vault. But there are more problems at hand, this time with Derek.

Kali is out for revenge against Derek for killing Ennis. Boyd and Isaac show up to help protect him. Their idea is to flood Derek’s loft and toss a live wire in. They hope that Kali won’t notice, step into the water, and fry. The boys lay in wait, but Kali is way to smart for that and blows the power to the building. She comes in and tells Derek that she wants to fight him one-on-one. As incentive to keep Boyd and Isaac out of the fight, the twins show up with Jennifer as their hostage. Derek and Kali fight, while Isaac texts Scott for help.

Scott sends Lydia, Stiles, Alison, and Cora to help out Derek while he heads to the bank vault. Deaton is there, hanging by his wrists, and struggling. Scott runs for him, but a blinding forcefield keeps him away. Deaton is within a circle of minerals that repels werewolves. Try as he might - and he tries really, really hard - Scott cannot break through the force field. The sheriff shows up and one well-placed bullet clips the rope and drops Deaton to the ground. (It’s more “exciting” that way but way more ridiculous when you write it down.) The sheriff runs to get an ambulance, and Deaton tells Scott that he saw his eyes glow red, not yellow, and he thinks Deucalion is after Scott, not Derek.

Back at Derek’s loft, the kids got the power back on and Derek and Kali get zapped. It doesn’t last, but the twins let go of Jennifer and instead hold Derek down. Derek’s claws come out and Kali forces Boyd onto them. Boyd dies in Derek’s arms, in front of his horrified eyes.

Dig It or Bury It?

Another good episode, with some cheesy moments. Boyd’s death scene was a little drawn out; Deaton’s explanation of the true alpha was a little melodramatic, but overall, it was a strong episode. Good fights and plenty of humor helped forget some dismal acting (Cora and Kali are just horrible, and quite frankly, I am sick of mopey Derek).

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Scott and Alison hide in the closet when her dad comes home unexpectedly. Alison is amused when the close quarters give Scott a hard-on. He suggests she turns around, so she does. But that only makes it worse.

A Lycanthrope’s Tale

Deaton explains that, while it is rare (like once in 100 years rare) a “true alpha” comes along. This is a beta who rises to alpha by virtue and sheer force of will. From the moment Scott was attacked, Deaton believed that Scott would be a true alpha.


We get lots of backstories next week, including stories of Derek and his first love in junior high.