TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 309 - 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'


teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 309

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 29 July 2013

In This Episode...

A deputy answers a 911 call at the school. She sees a body being dragged into the locker room and follows. In the shower, she sees herself, dead. A hideous, disfigured monster attacks her from behind and kills her. The deputy lands in precisely the same position she saw herself in moments ago. Scott and Stiles meet Lydia at the school. She was in the car to go someplace else, but found herself at school. She is afraid of finding another body, but Scott finds it for her - the deputy is draped across the school sign.

There are a lot of subplots going on here that are important, but feel kind of scattered. It all leads up to the memorial recital at school, but lets get some of this out of the way first:

  • Aidan doesn’t like that Ethan is getting close to Danny. Ethan’s argument is that their “assignment” was to neutralize him as a threat, but Danny is harmless. 
  • Scott and Stiles send Lydia in as their Mata Hari to keep Aidan busy while they talk to Ethan. While the two are fooling around, someone scratches the revenge curlicue into the window. Aidan becomes enraged, thinking Derek is there for his revenge. It is the younger Hale, but Aidan wastes no time beating the crap out of her. Ethan, Stiles and Scott break it up.
  • Stiles takes Cora home. He has been tasked with telling his dad about all the supernatural weirdos that make up Beacon Hills, and Cora is there as his proof. Unsurprisingly, the sheriff doesn’t believe Stiles, but when Cora steps up to show him her wolf face, she collapses. They rush her to the hospital, where father and son get into a fight. “Mom would have believed me,” Stiles tells his dad. That hurts. The sheriff starts to rethink his approach, and asks Melissa to get him some old medical records.
  • Scott confronts Ms. Morell, but believes her when she says she is not the one killing people. According to Ms. Morell, Scott is on his way to becoming a true alpha, but Deucalion is obsessed with him. He either wants Scott as a true alpha in the pack, or he wants to make a killer out of Scott, preventing him from ever becoming a true alpha.
  • Another teacher is snatched, directly from his classroom. Lydia wanders in, in her hypnotized state. There is a five fold knot on the chalkboard, and Lydia draws a two in one of the folds before screaming.
  • Alison shows her father’s suspicious map to Isaac. All the evidence suggests to Alison that her dad is the killer. Isaac suggests she step back a moment, and they see a five fold knot inlay on Chris’s desk. Under the blacklight, Alison sees a word written in each fold: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, guardians. When Alison hears that a teacher is missing, she and Isaac figure out where his body is likely to turn up. Another abandoned building, and the kids see the teacher tied up and sacrificed. The twisted monster is there, and Chris bursts in, guns blazing and tries to stop the monster. It gets away, but at least Alison knows what side her dad is on.
  • The kids figure out that the current sacrificial group is philosophers, not guardians (as they thought when the cop turned up dead - but before she was a cop she was a middle school teacher). With one more teacher destined to be abducted, the kids all converge on the one place they know all the teachers will be: the memorial recital.

All caught up? Good. So everyone is at the recital. Lydia gets a text from Aidan, urging her to come find him, it is a matter of life or death. Lydia goes, but then we see Aidan sitting in the audience with his brother - and his phone is missing. Lydia encounters Jennifer in one of the classrooms - and she knocks the student out. When Lydia comes to, Jennifer is hovering over her, tying her up. Her standard bad-guy-monologue explains that the sacrifices are a “necessary evil,” an offering to a deity, and that Lydia is just a girl who knows too much. She tries to garrote Lydia, and she lets out a scream that can literally be heard across town. It finally clicks for Jennifer, and we find out what Lydia is: a banshee. She is surprised, but still wants to kill Lydia. She ties her down more and tries again.

Lydia’s screams are forgotten by most of the school when the orchestra reaches a fevered pitch - so much so that one of the piano chords snaps, flinging out at the pianist and slitting her throat. The pianist - a teach - dies almost instantly.

Sheriff Stilinski comes in on Lydia and Jennifer. Jennifer throws her knife at the sheriff, and it catches him in the chest. Scott shows up, wolfs out, and fights her. She is too strong, and with scarcely a push she has knocked him out. The sheriff shoots a warning shot into Jennifer’s leg, which heals almost instantly. She turns her rage to Stilinski, twisting the knife in his chest, giving him a kiss, and transforming into the hideous monster. Stiles finally manages to break open the door but by then, Jennifer has escaped through the window - with the sheriff.

Dig It or Bury It?

Well damn, that was a good episode. That last act was pretty intense. The sheriff’s storyline tonight was engrossing and a real turning point for his character. He is no longer just the obligatory town sheriff; he is a fully fleshed-out character now.

Jennifer was clearly the “big bad” - otherwise there would be no reason for her to exist. To be the love that heals Derek? Nonsense. Besides, that’s not the way Teen Wolf works.

As the seasons go on, Lydia has quickly become one of my favorite characters. She’s got everything: she knows what she wants, is occasionally bitchy, always pushy, gets what she wants, and is brilliant - something that constantly takes people by surprise. And now she is a banshee.

A Lycanthrope’s Tail

Ethan explains to Scott that he and Aidan used to be omegas: the “scapegoats” of a pack, the lowest on the rung. It was Deucalion who taught them their little Voltron trick and they began killing their way through their pack, right up to their alpha. Deucalion then took them into his pack.


The hunt for Sheriff Stilinski is on, and Jennifer has an ultimatum for Scott and his pack.