TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 310 - 'The Overlooked'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 310
“The Overlooked”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 5 August 2013

In This Episode...

Jennifer rushes to Derek’s loft and begs him to listen to her story before the kids get there. Too late: Scott and Stiles are already there and have told Derek everything. Derek is willing to listen to Jennifer, but her lies are thin. Scott proves his version of the Jennifer story by dousing her with mistletoe and revealing her hideous monster face. Derek naturally tries to kill her, but Jennifer convinces him that he needs her in order to find Stiles’ dad and save Cora.

A massive storm is threatening Beacon Hills, and Melissa is aiding in an evacuation of the hospital. Convenient. Derek, Jennifer, Scott, and Stiles take two cars to the hospital (not very green) which has mostly been evacuated. Cora is still there, of course, with Peter sitting at her bedside. By the time the guys get to Cora’s room, it is empty, and Peter is thrown across the hall by the twin-powered werewolf. Scott and Derek take them on while Peter and Stiles collect Cora. Jennifer escapes, but soon comes face-to-face with Kali and Deucalion and realizes she is better off with Derek’s group. She escapes narrowly and find the guys barricaded inside an operating room. The twins were just after Jennifer. When she escaped, they separated and left the guys alone. Jennifer promises to heal Cora, but not until she is safely out of the hospital and, presumably, out of town. Melissa comes on over the loudspeaker, announcing in a frightened voice that if they deliver Jennifer to the ER reception, everyone can leave safely. Deucalion has her. Jennifer promises that he won’t hurt Melissa, and Scott knows this to be true. She fills in Derek and Peter: Deucalion wants to create the pack of perfect, rare werewolves, and this includes Scott. It’s kind of like collecting Pokemon.

Scott and Peter stay behind to fend off the twins while the others make it down to the ambulance bay. The driver is dead, and Kali is there. Stiles and Cora hide in the ambulance while Derek and Jennifer go back inside to the elevator. Deucalion has Melissa on the roof, and they shut off the power, trapping Derek and Jennifer in the elevator. She convinces him it is best to stay put rather than risk calling attention to their location. Deucalion lets Melissa go find Scott, as a sign of “good will.”

Scott and Peter don’t stand a chance against the twins, especially with Peter’s strength at a low point. They escape the twins and Scott hides Peter in the ambulance with Stiles and Cora. He goes back in for the rest of them, coming across his mom and Chris, Alison, and Isaac in the process. While this foursome create a plan, Jennifer is trying to tell Derek who she really is. Her real name is Julia and she was Kali’s emissary. Deucalion, in creating his alpha pack, forced Kali to kill her. Kali couldn’t bring herself to land the final blow, and thought it would be “more respectful” to let Julia die on her own. Julia instead crawls to the nearby nemeton, which had been granted a teeny tiny bit of power when Derek killed Paige there. It isn’t much, but it is enough to let Julia / Jennifer survive until she can be found - by deputy Stilinski.

The plan goes into action. Alison pretends to be Jennifer and lures the twins and Kali outside, where she and Chris open fire on them. They are distracted long enough for Isaac to drive to the ambulance bay and pick up Cora, Peter and Stiles. Isaac won’t leave without Scott, but with the twins coming after them, he has no other option. Stiles runs back in for Scott, who is facing off with Deucalion. Melissa is nowhere to be found and it quickly becomes clear: Deucalion has her, and will only release her and Stiles’ dad if Scott joins him and helps him get Jennifer. Stiles begs him not to, but Scott goes with Deucalion.

Melissa is tied up with Stilinski in a root cellar, the very one beneath the nemeton. They are two of the three needed for the final sacrifice: guardians.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was an hour of awesomeness. This felt like it would have been a great mid-season break. But it’s not - we still have at least two episodes before hiatus. This was one of those great Teen Wolf episodes where they don’t try to do anything “fancy” - there is no time displacement, no flashbacks (well, essentially no flashbacks) and nothing experimental. It was classic, old-fashioned, linear storytelling - and it works brilliantly. Teen Wolf especially shines when an episode is limited to one location, and one small, finite block of time. This episode just had it all: action, violence, backstory, intrigue. All it was missing was Lydia.

Best. Moment. Ever.

At the top of the episode, while Melissa is aiding with the evacuation of the hospital, she says, “Hill Valley is under a flood watch.” If you do not understand the reference, go watch Back to the Future immediately.


Cora is dying. Derek can save her - but it will mean he will no longer be an alpha.