TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 314 - 'More Bad Than Good'


teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 314
“More Bad Than Good”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 13 January 2014

In This Episode…

Picking up where we left off last week, Stiles and Scott are in the woods and they find a coyote den, filled with belongings that were last seen on Malia. She is a were-coyote, not a werewolf, but so far, it seems that all the hallmarks of the condition are the same. Scott is still scared that if he goes full-wolf, he won’t be able to return to human, so they call in the sheriff - after all, this is essentially a crime scene. Naturally Agent McCall shows up as well - with Tate, who confirms that these are his daughter’s belongings. Stiles’ theory is that Malia was always a were-coyote, and the night of the accident she shifted, killed her mom and sister, then was so traumatized she was never able to go human again.

At school the next day, Stiles is picked to read aloud to the class. The words just seem to melt off the page, and Stiles has a panic attack. Scott helps him out, but instead of the nurse’s office, they go to the locker room and Scott helps Stiles calm down. Stiles thinks he is in a dream, so Scott makes him count his fingers - apparently you always have extra fingers in dreams - until he calms down and realizes this is real. The boys are still in there when the bell rings, which is when Kira notices their stuff is still in class. She gathers their backpacks and goes looking for them, but instead she comes face to face with the Malia-coyote, in an inexplicably empty hallway. She is scared and runs, dropping the backpacks along the way. She hides in the locker room, but Malia leaps through the glass door and continues to stalk her. Scott grabs Kira to safety and pushes over the lockers to scare the coyote away. Kira does not question his improbable strength.  Scott sees the filthy old doll sticking out of Stiles’ backpack - he took it from the den (later saying he was hoping Scott could track the scent).

Animal control answers to track down this rogue coyote. Tate shows up, too, and when he finds out that they are tracking the coyote that killed his family, he decides to start hunting, too. Naturally this scares the kids, so they go visit Deaton, who gives them three doses of tranquilizers - all he had - so they could get to Malia first. Scott thinks that he can summon her out of her coyote state. But Tate is causing more trouble. Determined to kill that coyote, Tate sets up dozens of traps around the woods. The sheriff is alerted to this when a jogger nearly loses her foot, and he insists that he and Tate locate every trap and disengage them.

The kids split up. Allison and Isaac are on tranquilizer duty (Allison being the only one among them who has any sort of aim) while Scott, Stiles, and Lydia pay a visit to the twins. They are no longer alphas, but the hope is that they still know how to do the “summon-out-of-a-were-state” howl. There is a gratuitous and pointless scene with the twins beating the hell out of Scott, trying to convince him to get pas his fears and change, but it leads nowhere, other than some bare-chested brawling.

In the woods, Tate sees the coyote with the doll and goes chasing after it. Shots ring out, which sends Scott running. Allison and Isaac track down Tate about to shoot Malia and run towards them. Isaac gets locked in a trap, so it is up to Allison to take aim. Her first shot misses. Isaac helps focus her, despite the enormous pain he is in, and she manages to land a shot in Tate’s shoulder. Malia runs off before she take a second shot.

With Lydia’s help, Stiles figures out that the doll did not belong to Malia, but to her little sister. He thinks that the doll is like flowers on a grave, and Malia will bring it to her sister’s grave: the car wreck. He tries to tell Scott all this, but Scott doesn’t answer his phone because he has already found Malia and is giving chase. Scott finally gives in and transforms so he can keep up with Malia. She stops and faces off against Scott. Scott lets out a mighty alpha roar, one that is heard by everyone in the woods, and the coyote takes a submissive position. Then she turns into Malia - human, naked Malia. She is back, and after a shower, the sheriff takes her back to the Tate home.

Meanwhile, Derek and Peter are being tortured by a couple brothers and their mom, trying to get the location of the “she-wolf.” The boys won’t say anything. Eventually they are left with just the one brother, and shots ring out. The guard drops, and a young woman with thick scars on her face comes in. This is the she-wolf, and she was hired by Deucalion to find and rescue Derek. Derek won’t leave without “it,” so they find a box made of mountain ash wood that the werewolves can’t touch. The she-wolf kicks the lock. Inside is mountain ash wood ash, which no one wants to touch. The she-wolf apparently has no problem reaching in and pulling out a round box with a curlicue design carved in the top.

And finally, an unseen person creeps through the night to the nemeton and pulls a weed sprouting from the center. Millions of fireflies flood out of the crack and slowly form humanoid shapes in the air.

Dig It or Bury It?

The Malia storyline was somehow dissatisfying. First off… were-coyotes? It’s better than when True Blood did were-panthers, but still… where does it end? Can every animal become a were-creature? If the theory was that Malia shifted while in the car with her mom and sister, does that mean this was a genetic condition? I would think that parents would notice bite marks on a child.  What was it about that night that caused her to shift for what I assume would be the first time? I assume that we will see Malia in future episodes, but there was something oddly final about her storyline.

The more I analyze this episode, the less I like it. I think it is because last week, there were all these new wrinkles in the show: the kids going crazy; Agent McCall in town; Kira and her bardo. But then the majority of this episode was wrapping up the Malia storyline. While we touched on the crazy, and we grazed by Kira, but otherwise it was all Malia, a story that wasn’t particularly interesting to begin with.

And then we get this random Hills Have Eyes family who is torturing Peter and Derek, then the “she-wolf” saves them, and they disappear for most of the rest of the episode. There is just something about the way multiple storylines are juggled in this show (particularly tonight’s episode) that just rubbed me the wrong way.


So the next creature is going to be firefly people? Okay. Bring it, Teen Wolf